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Rocky Mountain spotted fever is the most severe and most frequently reported rickettsial illness in the United States, and has been diagnosed throughout the Americas. The disease is caused by Rickettsia rickettsii, a species of bacteria that is spread to humans by hard ticks.

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6 year old with possible RMSF

My child got bit by a tick 4 weeks ago. Developed what looks like a heat rash Monday. Was given Doxcycline 400mg as a precaution and had his blood drawn. I know it's not contagious but every time he gets worked up and playing his rash gets angry and shows up in more spots. We are still waiting for his blood results to come in. They said it could take a while. Do we keep him low key until we know or what should I do. It's summer and he's stuck inside and miserable. Just don't want to cause anymore harm :( Please help