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Early pubic hair, breast, or genital development may result from normal but early maturation or from several abnormal conditions. Early puberty which is normal in every way except age is termed idiopathic central precocious puberty. It may be partial or transient. If your child is going through early puberty, share your experiences here and get support.

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  • ekbacharach

    Looking to speak with members

    Hi All,My name is Elizabeth and I am reporter and graduate student of journalism at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.  I am currently pursuing a story on the present situation of precocious puberty in girls, specifically the decreasing age at which girls are entering puberty and the other health factors associated with precocious puberty, such as growth rate. I was inspired...
  • KiaOrana


    Hello!  My almost 8 yr. old daughter has had body odor and acne for well over a year.  She is also crazy tall for her age (and no history of being tall on either side of the family - quite the opposite, in fact!) and is often mistaken for a 4th or 5th grader.  When I asked her dr. at her previous wellness check up, she said not to worry and to just have my daughter bathe more frequently, but...
  • Broyston

    My 8 year old daughter

    So my 8 year old daughter is in puberty. Her thyroid is great, but her growth plates are that of a 11 year old. Her doctor suggested the supprelin implant. My issue is i have read that other parents have seen major weight gain, horrible PMS, and added stress. My daughter has an attitude already, And has already started developing. Needless to say my wife and I are a little stressed. Does anyone...
  • usability

    PAID STUDY for CPP Caregivers

    PAID usability study looking for caregivers whose child is diagnosed with Central Precocious Puberty!To participate, caregivers must NOT have any prior experience with administering injections.No medication is taken during the study session, everything is 100% simulated. We are simply looking for your feedback on a medication injection device.Dates of study: Friday, Sept 16th & Monday, Sept 19th...
  • Theartofdreaming

    6 year old

    My daughter is 6 years and 10 months old. Her bone age is 8 years 10 months. She has some breast development and pubic hair. She also has terrible mood swings. I wish I had recognized an issue before now. I have read extensively on the treatment of PP and I want to reach out to parents that have denied treatment and parents who have done the injections or implant. Pros and cons. Any inside...
  • Catsmom


    our 8 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with CPP. She had a bone age 5 months ago and it was 91/2. Last week it was 11 1/2. They are recommending injections. My husband and I are at odds when it comes to medication. He does not want her to have them. I want all of the information and want to make an informed decision for our child. If we do the injections she could be 5'7. If we do nothing...
  • confusemom

    8.5 year with precocious puberty

    Hello everyone Im glad i found this support group i need some answers that will enlightened me. My daughter diagnosed precocious puberty. As parents were guilty because we dont pay extra attention to her body for the last two years. She is tall among her peers,and at 7 shes started developing breast and this summer body odor is so significant. And boom few days ago she had her period for the...
  • deleted_user

    lupron and short stature on 9 year old?

    I have twins who are in precocious puberty. They are 9 and one is bone age 11, the other is bone age between 11 and 12 (does it seem strange that the doctor can't pinpoint exactly?). this ped endo said not to do anything at this point and they will hopefully break 5 feet. she said using lupron at age 9 will stunt their growth further. i went for a second opinion and this doc thinks we can use...
  • concernedparent76

    Not fully suppressed- Need advice

    I am new to this site. So I will give a brief history of my daughter...My daughter was diagnosed with Precocious Puberty at age 7. She had hair under her armpits at age 4 and I was told it was just an overactive adrenal gland, nothing to worry about, but at about age 6, she started getting pubic hair. I was referred to a pediatric endo and they ran a bunch of tests and she was diagnosed at age 7...
  • lex3131

    New to this but dealing

    My daughter was recently diagnosed with partial precocious puberty and has developed body odor and genital and underarm hair. I have been able to deal with this quite well for now and my daughter does not seem to be overly bothered by it as we have openly accepted this into our life and addressed any questions she may have.I am now worried with summer approaching that this will be a bigger issue...
  • Hetaira

    Please Say Hello if You're Adult With PP?

    I see a lot of postings from parents and just wondering how many of us are adults now here for support/connections? I've never seen a group for this nor have I met anyone like me so I'm interested.I was diagnosed age 4 and bones fused before 8.I've called the hospital as an adult (to just let them know how I'm doing) and they tell me I am tall @ 5'4. Honestly would have no problem being shorter...
  • alliawilkinson

    Just 5 ! Total state of panic

    My little girl is just 5 , she has body odour, acne, pubic hair on her bits but not under arms , no breast development but came home with blood in her knickers today :(I can't find anyone else living through this I didn't know I'd have to deal with this I'm feeling a lot like I want to dig a hole and sit in it until this passes over , I've completely fallen to bits.My little boy is nearly 7 no...
  • worrieddad2015

    Terrified about daughters MRI

    Hello all,This is my first post here. He have a daughter who is nine years old and within two weeks will be ten years old. She was diagnosed with Precocious Puberty when she was about eight years old. About six months ago her pediatrician asked that we have a bone age x-ray done, which we did. That x-ray showed that she was about a year ahead of her chronological age.The pediatrician did not seem...
  • I would appreciate hearing form any PP suvivors who weren't treated. Or parents of PP children that weren't treated. Do you wish you would have done things differently?My 9 year old daughter has been diagnosed with early puberty. We think it started when she was about 7.5 years old. Things have progressed very quickly. She is now a Tanner Stage 4 and we are expecting her to stared her period...
  • deleted_user


    has anyone else been treated for precocious puberty and then experienced symptoms either during the shots, after, or even years later in life? if so what smptoms. please share your story. i am trying to figure out if lupron has caused my suffering.