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Someehere only we know.... Calypso

I am prepping through out the day creating paper snowflakes to hang around the ship. There I feel like the world is filled with wonder and friends that do understand. A beautiful boat created by us here at DS . At first we started the cruises with DarkGypsy's glitter sub. It swung the oceans and the universe. Equipped well by Scotty with warp drive....and of course the magic...
Here she is in all her splendor
Then Lily found a boat and of was instilled with magic that can create that peaceful place that we are told to find to promote relaxation and just to breath. If you want for anything or special comforts , you need only blink blink and Calypso provides it.

We play relax and share what makes us feel better...together.
There is also a van for on the road excursions The Violet Vanguard, parking is never a problem! And it is there with just a blink at our disposal, shopping the Magnificent mile or just a shoreline shell collecting day trip...use it as you wish. many here know I have to do art.
I am surprised at the body of work that has come out of my time on Calypso, shared with you here, my friends.

hugs, read, play and enjoy our own place that we know.




when you brought my sub to life that was one of the greatest gifts i have ever received. thank you i have a copy in my wallet with power statements on the back.

DG I carry it in my heart it was a turning point to thinking beyond the pain and onto the possibilities. Thank you for the inspiration.

Always your friend J.


I'm looking forward to getting my computer back so that I can add music to Calypso! But for now, I'll take out some colored pencils and some paper and draw a unicorn and just color.
Community Leadermujicaptsd

HOLY COW, JEWELLS! This is our very own DS PTSD Christmas art exhibit. GEEZ, it is so COOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I never would have imagined creating such a thing. It's so moving.

I had forgotten about DG's glitter sub. I don't know how it could have faded from my memory now, but it did. And you brought it back right at the right time for DG and for us all. So many good memories of back then when we'd take rides on it, like we do on Calypso. How oh how could I have forgotten the glitter sub. Thank you so much for bringing it to life in art. I'll never forget it again.

The world needs to know how wonderful you have made DS PTSD this Christmas, Jewells, with your artistic imagination and lovely work. With that soundtrack you supplied, too. What a show, audio and visual. It truly is a wonder of wonders. I've downloaded it all. Thank you. What a mind-blowing Christmas.


so awesome! Can't wait to see everyone aboard.
Okay the wings are down on Calypso ...Boarding May begin!!!!!

Music to carry us there...Lindsey Stirling.

I found her here on PTSD and she inspires my imagination. The message of feeling alive and shatter me..was more or less to break the mold I made for myself. I get stronger with each new piece replaced in a better composition of this mosaic of my soul.


Stand still, take a slow even breath and think a happy thought..........

For now I will keep us headed to the land of Mardi Gras, down south in Muji's territory.
We still have a few days to port. Join in if you need a place to calm.
Hugs all

The original linc I had for the song Somewhere only we know has been removed from youtube. So here is an active Link.

Hugs all. I as part of my trauma's lost what I considered family, but was a family of friends that made me want to try to heal.
The loss is to the other side of the stars, so until I finish what ever is planned for me I will not see them again.
The closest of the group our best man was taken in 2007. But all the others were with in 6 months of losing John, my husband. If you could imagine how it was to lose one after the other, no time to breathe...Then there was only me.

It is why I will go to great lengths fot those here I count as friends and why losing even one hurts.
Lill's and I are close, so I know I will talk to her soon.

But To see Calypso go because it was a great place of healing and a place that our therapists tell us to find in our mind to calm and ground. At about 3384 posts yesterday...that is a lot of healing.

I visualize well and right now I am in my hammock Tossing hugs and carnations over the rail. Sending them on a wave to my friend in hopes that they help her calm and find her feet again.

Lills, I will keep sailing, your cupboard bed is always ready.

Country roads.
For some riding in the nountains is what works for them . I admit to running the shores of Lake Michigan. The roads here are hilly the closer you get to the shore. At about 30 miles out of Grand Haven you can smell the lake in the air. Then the minutes seem to stretch and take longer to pass to get to the shoreline. But dotted along the lake shore drive or HWY31 you can be sure to find some sort of public park or pull off to stop and just soak in the feeling.

We are more than what we know when we touch the world with our heart.
The Voyage.

One of the songs recently shared on Calpso Thread two. The view is similar to what I vision on my dragon.
The words help the thought process to see beyond the hurt to a time when the wind will change and then the voyage won't be as rough.
Page of cups., Enigma
As much for music as the fantasy of it... Rest well all.
Thanks for the update sis.
MONO (Japan) - "Dream Odyssey" Official Video
This peice contain the music I like to listen to when I study. The pace that allows my input to enter easily.
Now the video is a different story.
When I am hurting, triggered it strts so completely that it fills my brain with the enormity it. I can't see beyond the trigger. But as I practice my tools of touching things counting things that are normal the hyper energy of the trigger starts to ebb away. When I can see past my own trigger I realize that it is part of the normal everyday happening of change. I am part of the change of the thought process, if I let the tools work. I can breathe deeper I can take my cranking mind down to a slower speed.
I also found that a type of drawing that was shared here, Zentangles helps to lessen the effect of the panic, because it makes two parts of the person work together to recover. The in the moment of doing something and the release of the energy built up with that cranking panic attack.
In EMDR it is why the eye following movement or hands feeling the vibration move from right to left if the machine is used, helps take out the panic of the recall. Practice and more practice helps to re-set the way your mind reacts to it.
Those mental gentle swings help us feel safer, more comforted. Like rocking that angry, hurt thought to calming.

Deep belly breathing is similar to the way our body breaths when we sleep so just going through the act of it helps calm our nerves by sending a resting signal to our brain.

Hugs all. I hope some of you get some help out of this.
Interstellar Main Theme - Extra Extended - Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

I am off to study but sit back and enjoy her if you want. There are lounge chairs with comfy throws ans soft pillows to use. We are heading south around the Equator so the air has a light breeze with a tang of saltiness to it. Watching the light brush stroke wisps of clouds, move ever so slowly...or maybe it's just the Calypso moving? hard to tell, but it's okay.
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