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Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a progressive, genetic disorder of the kidneys. It occurs in humans and other organisms. PKD is characterised by the presence of multiple cysts (polycystic) in both kidneys. The disease can also damage the liver, pancreas and rarely the heart and brain.

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Potassium Citrate

Does anyone have any experience with this? I was told by my nephrologist that it helps reduce kidney stones. Any side effects you had with it? Did it help you? Anything else to take note of?




I see, thanks. I'm looking for some personal experience from it though.

I used it. Did a lot of stuff, can't remember it all. Changed my diet and I haven't had kidney stones for almost 3 years.
I did have the old school sound buster procedure in Thailand, ended up having laproscopic surgery to get the big one out since it was killing me, stuck but since then nothing.
Biggest thing is water, drinking 1.5-2 litres as day.
I drink lemon water.
Eliminate spinach, kale, almonds, peanut butter...there is a whole list of foods that lead to production of kidney stones.. I even quit drinking beer.
the urologist and neph here in the states said diet doesn't work but the urologist and neph from thailand said diet is everything.
50 percent of diet raw food
Eliminate as much medicine from your diet cuz that supposedly upsets your ability to heal
I added tumeric spice to help with my bp. Been off bp medicine for almost 2 years. lower number up to 80 cuz I gained 20 pounds, too much work then broke my toe but I'm 120-122/70s to 80s now. Quit going to neph about 2 years ago just tired of going in and nothing he thinks he can do but put me on medicine for everything so unless I get an infection I just see my GP
And I got a bmi of 37 so
Exercise helps too.
I had so many stones, they (the drs) keep telling me I will get them again.
My GP made me see a urologist at beginning of year. He wanted to do more tests, no stones showed up on ultrasound, because he said I would get more stones. Until I do not going back. I am so done with doctors in the states here.
I prefer not to get stones ever so just keeping with the program of lots of water, combine my food so when I do eat foods on the list I combine the food with a complex carbohydrate and limit my protein. I became what I call a "reluctant vegetarian" I loove meat but it's bad for me so don't eat it that much, avoid beef and go for the chicken.
So far so good so I am going to keep it up.
Water and lemon water is crucial I think, good luck.
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