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6 year old playing with poo

my daughter is 6 years old and she plays and smears her poop all over the place i have found it along all the walls all over her room. last night is probly the worst i have seen it she has drawn pictures on her walls its all over her roof and even more so spread all over her bed i dont know what to do anymore i have tried taking away things that she loves making her clean it up over and over she just doesnt seem to care i got her to stop biting her nails by telling her about all the little bugs that end up underneath them and that she is eating them it totally grossed her out and over a year and she hasnt bitten them. but she doesnt seem to understand that there are worse bugs and germs in her poo that could make her even more sick. has anyone else ever gone through anything like this any advice??? please ?? we are waiting to get a re-evaluation for adhd as well when she was tested last year she was high risk for adhd as well as O.D.D. i am just now waiting to get her forms back to finnish the re-eveluation.



I would suggest telling her that there are tiny little bugs in her poop too but then she might grow up to be an OCD clean freak washing her hands every 5 minutes. I really feel for you, I had a friend whos son was 8 that use to poop his pants and not think anything of it or just reach in and pull it out and set in around the house like it was a piece of play dough. His son eventually grew out of this and your daughter might too.

I dont have any answers or suggestions so I will have to keep you in my thoughts