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An organ transplant is the transplantation of a whole or partial organ from one body to another (or from a donor site on the patient's own body), for the purpose of replacing the recipient's damaged or failing organ with a working one from the donor site. Organ donors can be living, or deceased (previously referred to as cadaveric)... Types of transplants include: Autograft: A transplant of tissue from one to oneself. Sometimes this is done with surplus tissue, or tissue that can regenerate, or tissues more desperately needed elsewhere (examples include skin grafts, vein extraction for CABG, etc.) Sometimes this is done to remove the tissue and then treat it or the person, before returning it (examples include stem-cell autograft and...

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  • recently dx of pulmonary hypertension and right heart failure and referred to transplant center for heart/lung. tanya
  • I was in heaven following my transplant surgery!, I couldn't believe how well I was recovering and how good I felt....UNTIL 4 weeks later when i starting feeling like a MAck truck hit me..Body aches, joint pains, tremors, night sweats, stomach cramps and bloating with gas etc..and an over-all " I don't feel well" feeling...I hear that these are side effects of all the medications, valcyte,...
  • odjaca

    cancer and one kidney

    I donated a kidney nearly 11 years ago. I have had NO problems from the remaining kidney. I am awaiting the results of tests for breast cancer and am very concerned about the possibility of kidney damage from chemo and other treatments. Has anyone gone through cancer treatment with only one kidney. If so, can you tell me what to look out for and ways to reduce my risks? I'm afraid just...
  • Hi everyone, On March 16th 2013 i had a kidney transplant, r. side. Abouta year later a hernia formed right under the transplant, which waspositioned very low. It has gotten pretty big, the original docs. aren'tinterested in doing the surgery, too close to the ureter they say. Nowsince it has gotten bigger i need a binder,truss, to hold it in place.I can't hardly walk up or down stairs without...
  • Hello, I am 21 years with rheumatoid arthritis and a corticosteroid. Last year I had a pregnancy but my PA is activated. This necessitated by three months upload medrol from 2 to 4 tablets. And every month so 10mg oktagam said immunologists on safer not reject the fetus. But my child was born at the end of 30 weeks and died due to amniotic fluid infection according to doctors and now I recovered...
  • deleted_user

    lung transplant survivors?

    Is anyone out there a lung transplant survivor? If so, I'd like to talk to you about how you are doing. My mother is on the waiting list to have a transplant done. She is on oxygen 24/7. It's heartbreaking to see her like this everyday. We just want to know how well people do after they get a lung transplant. Also, she is on the list for either a single or a double lung transplant.
  • It was 4 years in July of this year, 2014, since my liver transplant. I would love to see this group moving again.During the last 4 years, the Hep C showed back up in my transplanted liver, since transplant doesn't get rid of Hep C. It got rid of my cancerous tumor and early Cirrhosis, but not the Hep C.However, on July 5 of this year, I completed 12 weeks of the new Hep C drugs Sovaldi and...
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    Organ donation over age 50

    Older people can donate their organs to help others, for more ingformation see
  • MLTTexas

    No movement on this page.

    Would like to find an active post-liver transplant site, but haven't had any luck.
  • I've been on the Hep C forum and Cirrhosis forom for a long time, but have had a problem finding a current support group for post liver transplant patients. I notice most of the posts here are not new. I had a liver transplant 3 1/2 years ago when the Hep C that I had for probably 30 years finally lead to very early cirrhosis and HCC (promary liver cancer). The transplant got rid of the...
  • deleted_user

    New Kidney transplant

    My mom just had a kidney transplant 3 days ago. I'm her only family here in state, I'm also her neighbor. Im going to be the primary caretaker so to speak. Just making sure she stays eating right, resting, etc. It's my understanding her immune system is going to be almost nonexistent. Is it gonna be like that forever will she always have to wear a mask?? Will she ever be able to take care of...
  • antjie


    Hii was wondering if anyone keeps stats of the members of this group - how many kidney transplants, hearts, lungs, etc; and how long they've survived. Or was there a thread that I missed?
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    This is for all transplant patients! Everyone in here should read this!!!"Abbott recently entered into a collaboration with Astellas Pharma Inc. using our RealTime Cytomegalovirus (CMV) test to help assess the effectiveness of a new vaccine in development. CMV is a herpes virus that affects half of all adults by age 40 and is the most common viral infection in transplant recipients. While most...
  • deleted_user

    Sarah's on the list!

    Sarah's on the transplant list!!! ;>) ;>) ;>) YAAAYYYYY!!!!!By JoNel Aleccia, Senior Writer, NBC NewsA federal judge on Wednesday ordered the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary to suspend existing organ allocation rules to give a 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl a better chance at a life-saving lung transplant.U.S. District Court Judge Michael Baylson told Kathleen Sebelius to direct the Organ...
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    I have my own health issues but was looking into donating a kidney, I don't have a family member that needs one I just would like to help someone. I have researched it and so far it seems I need to have a healthy heart, lungs and obviously kidneys. I have joint problems but am healthy in the areas they seem to look at has anyone done this? What am I getting myself into? This is important to...