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Weekends are nightmares

So....I do great all week, hit my calorie goal most days, gym at least 3 days, Friday rolls around and I'll hit 199-200 on the scale. I weigh every morning (the same day, same time, same scale thing seems silly to me, in light of evidence to the contrary "the December issue of the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, it reports that dieters who weighed themselves regularly shed more pounds over a 24-month period than people who didn’t regularly weigh themselves. Those who weighed themselves daily lost the most.") to keep myself motivated, but when the weekend out.

That Friday weight is usually great, but Fridays wifey and I tend to go out to dinner, and though I pick light options, with portions are always so big and me being comforted by my Friday morning weigh in, eat everything. So Saturday comes around, my stomach is still expanded from the day before, so I end up eating more, keep that bloated feeling, which carries over to Sunday.

And of course the Steelers keep winning in the playoffs, which means with the lightest twist on my arm, I am out at some local bar drinking beer and shoulder deep in some deliciously friend snack. So, weigh in at 200 Friday morning, Monday morning weigh-ins tend to show 204-206.

Spend the entire week working off the bloat, eating the right portions, then bam, weekend happens again. The good thing is, since I started pushing myself again, I'm down from a post weekend high of 211-212 to the 204-206, so 6lbs of progress this month no matter how I measure. When I was 290, I had an edge and drove myself so hard, but now I can't seem to stop destroying 5 days of hard work with a 55 hour period from 5:00 PM Friday-Sunday Night....any advice?


Group FoundersmileLisa

I understand how hard it is to stay on track throughout the week and into the weekend. I used to struggle with that myself, I would do great for four days and then go waaaay off track for a few days before snapping back into it. My best advice and pick a certain number (3 is a good start) of things that are non negiotiable splurge events. So going to dinner with your wife could be one, sport win celebration, etc. But over the course of the week, stick to those three things, and don't compromise for other events unless you plan to swap out your splurge for the week and not do something else. And try to limit what you do during them, meaning not beer after beer, but maybe two beers or three light beers? Or one beer and three chicken wings? Just four beers and a plate of wings. Moderation is key, and setting boundaries and limits for your eating when you know you might go off track could be helpful to your long term success.

Are you eating enough calories during the week? If not, you may be craving certain items or more likely to eat more more more on the weekends once you are exposed to non healthy foods. I say try to bulk up your meals, find things that you enjoy eating during the week so it doesn't seem so hard to stay on track on the weekends.

Keep me posted, and good luck to you!

You know....they really should have an edit post option somewhere....I type these things out so quickly and make a few dozen that reads horrible!

I think the non-healthy food part is a good point...with work and my schedule during the week, its easy to keep a good structure. But the lack of structure on the weekend tends to lead to more snacking, more junk, etc...

I like the 3 splurge event idea, that could work, I'll let you know ;)

I have the exact problem with weekends. What I've started to do is weigh myself on sundays. It realy does keep me motivated.
Goodluck :)

Yeah, Sunday night weigh-ins usually make me angry and depressed :(

Weekends are just brutal, I don't remember how I survived them when I lost my first 80...
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