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No S Diet

I have been looking at this weight loss plan and think I give it a try.

No sweets
No seconds
Days off that start with S (Saturday, Sunday and Special days)

Also I am reading The Thin Commandments and will be mixing that into the No S Diet.



I gave the No S Diet a 21 try and I gained 2 pounds. I must need more regimentation! So back to counting calories FOREVER!

Which just made me notice that no one has posted here in over 21 days! Where is everyone?

I wondered about this. Where does portion control fit into it? And fats?


I too gave this a try Joyce when you mentioned it, and it is working! I am losing weight,.... finally. But, I am doing it the way they recommend: no snacks, no sweets, no seconds. On Saturday and Sunday I add one sweet each day. But I still do not snack or have seconds even on Saturday and Sunday.

Beesley, the portion control is the " no seconds" part. You are supposed to put a normal sized portion on your plate and no seconds.

This is really working and I do not feel at all deprived or that I am dieting.

I wonder if it would work for me if I counted my calories along with it? But then that was the beauty of the whole idea.
Group FoundersmileLisa

Calorie counting for me is the only consistently effective method I have found. I still struggle after two years of maintenance with my portion control and once I stop counting calories (or become more leniant), I go down a slippery slope and end up bingeing. I know that there are other methods and each person is so different with their food needs, routine, and lifestyle. I struggle with it still, and I don't have any good ideas to suggest besides the annoying calorie number counting... :(

Hi Smile Lisa,

I have found counting calories so difficult and time consuming. Is there an easy calorie counter or book available that is VERY user friendly?

I will look at the S diet as well.

Keep a list of your favorite foods and their calorie count to make it a little faster. That also helps you stick to your portions. I like
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