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Anybody know about this diet?

A friend of mine told me yesterday about a diet I have never heard of.
She said women at her job are loosing ton of weight a lot of inches.

Has anyone heard of or tried the The Dukan Diet, by Dr. Pierre Dukan,
from France. I believe.

I Google it, and he has written 2 books. It is a High Protein diet with different phases.

Was just wondering if anybody knew about it!

I have never in my life been on a diet.
Thanks for any info



High Protein Diet will make you lose tons of "water" from your muscles not "Fat".........just be careful, if it a diet that you cannot maintain..........what is the may lose weight but your body will not thank you and you may end up putting on even more...........

Balance and Portion Control with lots of key

Thanks for your input, I decided after looking into it, it is not a very good choice as you stated.
I completely agree on the balance and portion control, which I can work on!
Thanks again.

I know a couple of people that started it and failed. it doesn't sound healthy to me.

I never tried it! I lost 20 lbs the old fashion way with exercise and cutting my eating. I do eat a lot of protein and cut a lot of my sugar out and eat a snack every 2 hrs.
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