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This is for the survivors of victimization at the hands of caretakers with munchausen by proxy. Those few who have been identified with the condition never have admitted to it. The disordered person inflicts illness or harm onto their child then seeks help. People whose parent or caretakers subjected them to uneccessary medical treatments and/or harmful substances to induce illness that lead to them being seen as mentally or physically ill, are the "proxy."

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Would love to talk with other MBP survivors

I didn't know there was a name for what my mother did to me until I happened upon it in a book I had picked up at the library by Julie Gregory. Certainly many of the details of my experience differed, but someone had experienced this from their mother too. I read the book in an entire day, and didn't know if I was crying with sorrow or joy - there was a name for what happened to me: Munchausen by Proxy. I think that is when I really began an imperfect and sometimes messy path towards healing. I was lucky to physically survive my mother. Even luckier to emotionally survive all the years of confusion afterward.

That was back in 2007. I've had some healing since then, emotionally, certainly. But some days the effects of my childhood abuse affect my life today in negative ways I don't appreciate. Some days I cannot function. I think it is a lifetime of healing. I didn't realize there was a support group of people who had experienced this - very excited to find this group. Would love to talk to others who have experienced this...I think that would be healing too.

Over the years I've been working on my own novel (long before I ran into Julie's or had a name for this brand of abuse) about my childhood experiences. I've written much. But I find I have to take long breaks sometimes because the topic is my own personal pains and can be quite overwhelming. I've built a life with much normalacy, fun, prosperity, and joy much of the time. I don't want to 'live' in the pain of my memories all the time. Someday I suppose, my book will be complete. But it's taking me years, so far, due to needing many breaks.

How do all of you deal with this? What is the hardest part? What works for you? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

The book by Julie Gregory that changed my life: Sickened.