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This is for the survivors of victimization at the hands of caretakers with munchausen by proxy. Those few who have been identified with the condition never have admitted to it. The disordered person inflicts illness or harm onto their child then seeks help. People whose parent or caretakers subjected them to uneccessary medical treatments and/or harmful substances to induce illness that lead to them being seen as mentally or physically ill, are the "proxy."

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My Mother is the one who has been making me sick since I was young. She took me Doctor Shopping and I got acute pancreatitis at age 16. Also I have hair follicle damage and I am anemic. There are more long term problems that stem from this, but for the most part I am physically healthy. I just moved out of my moms house, I'm 27, and I checked myself into rehab for marijuana and adderall addiction. I am looking for support in Los Angeles but this is the only online support group I can find besides which is broken or something, I can't seem to register there. Anyways, I hope you guys can write back!



Hi. I'm way too far to be any kind of support in "Los Angeles". My story is different, but I'd like to know: when did you figure out that your mother was making you sick?