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So this is new to me, an area of my eyeball feels "numb" or bulging, but doesn't look that way at all. It is kind of blurry which has me thinking a bout of ON is the culprit, but it is in BOTH eyes, it switches back and forth. And the blurry is actually not there all the time.

My first symptom was ON where I had a definate grey patch in my vision for months. This?.... this is just weird.

Anyone else have "numb" eyeballs?



I have had this in my Left eye, with the optic neuritis but never both sorry for you. I'm beginning to believe anything is possible with this damn illness.

Yes that's what is bothering me, that it is both eyes. One I understand could be ON, maybe both is indicating more of a new brain lesion perhaps?

Not that it matters, I just like to have some kind of idea what could be going on, as much as a person can with this disease I guess :)

i'm with nurse. i've noticed all sorts of weird, obnoxious,and creepy things and when i post them on here, there are always others who've had it.

for me, my right side was always more numb, painful, burning, etc. but this year it's my left side, too. i would go to the doc b/c it does seem like it could be a new lesion. i got worried, too, but then i realized the damage has been done on my right side, now it's starting on my right.

i, too, have on...@ first only in my right eye, now in my left, too. and i think every part of my body has felt numb or out of socket at some point.

hope this helps.
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