Living with Cervical Stenosis Community Group

A supportive positive place to share your experiences with the pain, surgery, recovery and daily struggles related to cervical stenosis.

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  • Jasona

    How to get rid of cervicitis

    My wife and I have been trying for a baby for nearly 3 years. And she was diagnosed of having cervicitis and fallopian tube blockage two years ao. The doctor said our only options are IVF.I was so depressed but I still wanted to search for other methods. Thank God today with the help of the herbals medications Fuyan Pill the Dr. Lee sent to us, my wife got pregnant. After two months of the...
  • Katydyd

    Is anyone here?

    Hi, I just found this group and wondering about how other members are coping with it, their doctors, and if others are putting off surgery or have already had surgery? Wishing you well, thanks for any comments, KD or Katydyd