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This community is dedicated to starting over after a divorce. With the marriage over, how do individuals begin a new chapter in their lives and what hurdles do they face? Divorce is often one of the most traumatic periods in a person's life. Studies show it is the second-most stressful event in life, after the death of a spouse.

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3 Online
  • alewis222

    Cant move on

    Ive been divorced for 4 years, you'd have thought that by now I would have moved on with my life, but the last four years I have been so unhappy. The strange thing is, its not cos I want to get back with my ex, but just that I feel so lonely and have not been able to forge a relationship since. Now at the age of 36 and all my friends settled with children, I cant see any future for myself. I...
  • deleted_user

    Missing my ex

    Nov 2008 I left my husband for another man, not only for that reason but we had a lot of problems that I feel could of been taking care of but instead of dealing with them I got up and left. Well here it is a year I am still with the man I left him with but within this week I told him my true feelings I still hold for my ex husband. This was some pretty painful things he had to sit and listen to...
  • I recently found out that my ex was engaged. The divorce was final last October, a year after we split. He moved in with her 4 months after moving out. I shouldn't be surprised, he told me he liked being married. He likes being taken care of. Why does it bother me so much? I enjoy being on my own, being accountable only for myself. We could never have gotten back together, to much had been said...
  • jokiwhau

    It DOES get better!

    I just wanted to post something positive. :-)After divorcing 3 years ago, I never EVER thought I would be able to trust another man or be in a relationship again. Lucky for me, I have someone in my life who loves me and is exactly what I want in a partner. Keep your chin up - I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I finally found my prince! Don't give up peeps! :-)
  • sinclair79

    So... What's next!?

    So... My back story first. Nov 2014 ex wife leaves me for another man she met only 2 weeks before after spending a year prior to that telling me we were ok and that she loved me. No communication on how unhappy she was. Of course there were signs, but I never knew for a moment that she was that unhappy.Anyway, fast forward almost 2 years and I'm in a relatively good place mentally, emotionally...
  • I am 71 y-o female. I am very comfortable with online dating. I have been divorced since 1989. Had a 10 year relaionship and have been online dating on and off for 10+ years. I am very selective and also think I have not been ready for more than a firendshio and casual dating.....but now I think I am ready for more.I still do not want marriage or even living togegther, but I am THINKING about...
  • dylanmurphy

    Moving ...

    I will be on this board more as my divorce gets to the finish line. Hi. Not someplace I wanted to be, divorce. But I am going to be happy divorced guy as much I can manage. I accept where I am and am going to make the best of it, have fun with my kids and see what happens.
  • sinclair79


    Wow. I didn't realise there was a life after divorce support group here. I think that's awesome as that's the stage I'm in. Figuring out what's next! I've been lurking in the Break ups and Divorce group. Not that that's the wrong place, I just feel like I need support in the what's next portion.Anyway, wanted to say hi.
  • TomFil

    Don't know what I'm doing

    I divorced my ex a little over 4 years ago, we had argued over it for years before that, fortunately we've ended it amicable.She has a boyfriend now and i have had a couple of relationships here and there, but nothing meaningful.last year i decided to call it quits, haven't been looking at all, before that I could stnd being alone, but now that I am alone it's driving me crazy, even though I've...
  • Hey there, haven't logged in for awhile because I've made great progress in managing the feelings of sadness, anger and worry dealing with a narccistic ex husband. It has helped that about 6 months ago, we came to an agreement about a temporary residential schedule while he works out of state and things since then have been quiet.Now he may be working out of state again and the anxiety is...
  • I can't understand why I am having such a hard time talking about important issues with my boyfriend. He's trying to be understanding, but for some reason I have problems bringing up topics that are uncomfortable.I know it's probably because I had terrible issue's in my previous marriage and I learned that it was easier to deal with things on my own then to bring them up. All he would do was...
  • I'm 47. He's 43. I don't want him, I don't respect him, being married to him for 10 years was an emotional prison. But I am riddled with jealousy over his current 3 month online relationship with a young and pretty 30 yr old woman in the Philippines. Even if she's just using him to get to this country lol. I'm also livid that he has had our 10yo daughter FaceTime with this woman that he's never...
  • Hi,I'm new here but I'm hoping someone else can understand my struggle. I have been divorced now for almost three years and that was a lonely, and mentally abusive relationship where he had an affair and a child from that affair (no kids between us). He was emotionally and intimately checked out for years and we were roommates that were just going through life but called each other husband and...
  • soon2bcatlady

    Moving so fast.

    I asked for a divorce in November 2015. I didn't really want a divorce I was angry. My ex husband who never wanted me to work or go to school made me feel like he was unsupportive when i did finally attend college. I started to get frustrated with him, he would interrupt me while I studied or start huge fights before major tests, I started spending more time out with friends. One night he...
  • This was forwarded to me by a friend (also a co-parent). After reading this, I find myself thankful that my ex and I both avoid these destructive behaviors.