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This community is dedicated to starting over after a divorce. With the marriage over, how do individuals begin a new chapter in their lives and what hurdles do they face? Divorce is often one of the most traumatic periods in a person's life. Studies show it is the second-most stressful event in life, after the death of a spouse.

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  • Janek

    How do you make friends

    I was stuck in an abusive relationship, with a husband who alienated me from almost everyone. My self esteem is almost non existent and I am lonely and depressed. I try to hide it by laughing and joking around at work and such. I come home and talk with my cats and my phone doesn't ring. I am overweight because I find solace in food. I don't drink or do drugs, so that cuts out a lot of crowds....
  • Lyne

    Collaborative divorce process

    My H asked me for a divorce a month ago. He has proposed a settlement, so he has had time to think about this. We were together for 30 years. I may be nieve, but would like to move forward in a healthy manner. We still have two grown children, and some upcoming mile markers in their lives. We weren't always fighting and at each other's throats. We did have friendship one tiime. I can accept the...
  • tailspin916

    Can't Believe It Happened Again!

    Hello folks. I posted this on the Break Up and Divorce forum, but I figure it's more relevant here since I am technically trying to live my life after my divorce.I joined this site about 2 years ago when my wife broke my heart and told me our marriage was over.  It took well over 6 months before I started to feel like myself again. I started to go out, have fun and live my life again.  After a...
  • jojored

    How long did your divorce take?

    Hi, I'm ready to start over, but stbx has done pretty much nothing to move the divorce along.  His lawyer too.  I felt trapped in the marriage, now I'm trapped inside of the divorce.   In fact, his lawyer has cancelled many many meetings, some last minute.  He has failed to submit court documents on time, not answered my lawyer's phone calls or emails in a timely manner - all sorts of...
  • deleted_user

    For the left bhind spouse

    This article started me on the understanding of how and why my ex did this to me. This is powerful and I hope it helps. My situation was this article to a T and explains everything I felt and everything the ex did. Please share this with others you feel would benefit from it. Coping with Infidelity and Divorce By Cathy Meyer, published Jun 18, 2005 Published Content: 21 Total Views: 361,842 ...
  • louann70


    I was married to my spouse for 10 yrs and we have been divorced now for 7 yrs and I have not moved on yet. I am kind of stuck not on him but i havent been confident on moving forward with meeting people and dating. Now I am lonely and would like to move on but just dont know how. What do i do?
  • ughmylife

    How to cope with Ex's new girlfriend

    Brief summary.  My ex husband and I were married for 16 years, 1 child.  He just left one day with no explanation. We were legally divorced in 2015.   I have sole custody of child.  He is now living with and dating a 23 year old college student (he is 43)  He was her former high school teacher and coach.  Whether or not they had a relationship when he was her teacher is beside the point. ...
  • deleted_user

    Do affairs ever really work?

    My husband left me after 15 years (12 years of marriage) for another woman who he says he is love with. He did'nt want to work it out for our kids or anything. He has moved to a different state where she lives and has our kids for the summer. Our kids have been staying with her and her kids and my ex in there house together like one big happy familiy. All this within 5 months of him asking for a...
  • guachita

    Feeling so sad all over again

    so today has been one of those days where I don't feel like cutting the air with my strength and good vibe.i feel really sad. I'm back to questioning why my marriage had to end. I feel like I want to go see him and ask him if he still loves me. I feel like telling him that he is confused. I feel like beggin again... to get back on track I remember... he cheated on me 2 times in less than 5...
  • Mikki

    Lost in the middle of the ocean....

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, quite nervous and unsettled after reading the article "for the left behind spouse".  I am a spouse left behind, about two months now.  I am not sure if my partner is actually with a new partner, though, there are many signs pointing straight towards it.  We have been married for 13 years, and have 2 children.  We had many ups and downs, yet still very...
  • guachita

    Willl I ever feel whole again?

    So he cheated on me, I get it.  Whatever his reasons I gues I will never find out.  Sometimes I feel he needed to do it in order to be able to call it quits, to justify not wanting to be with me.  To his surprise I said we could still work it out.  I really tought 13 years and 2 kids were stronger reasons than a sudden derailment.  I would have not turn to look at him in the first place if...
  • guachita

    Why does it hurt so much??

    So I guess feeling good is over.  It has been a couple of dasy of feeling really down. I'm eating like crazy and crying is back in the picture.  Why? why? I was feeling soooo good.  I think that feeling angry at him makes things better for me. He showed up yesterday and gave me money, he tells me things are fine (financially), and says "you see, and you making all this big deal because of...
  • john435

    Endless Stress

    Not actually divorced, broken off engagement with infant daughter. Ex wants nothing to do with me other than coparent and has said so repeatedly, but has give the slightest glimmers of hope at a future until last night. Been broken up for 8 months. She moved an hour away.  The endless anxiety and stress I have carries over to conversations with my ex which makes matters worse. It feels like...
  • sam445

    new start

    I'm currently seperated from my wife after we broke up, there is no way we will get back together. I have good and bad days but i think i might be depressed as I cant seem to snap out of feeling down all the time. Its difficult to motivate myself at the moment and i dont have anybody around me I can open upto. Should I speak to my doctor? Any advice from people in the same scenario would be great...
  • SassyK0331

    Giving off the wrong vibe

    Hi! I have never posted anything online in this sort of forum before and am not entirely sure about it now. It's very difficult for me to discuss private feelings and thoughts. I have been divorced for 4 years and didn't even think about a serious relationship until the end of the 3rd year. My marriage was harsh (he was verbally abusive and it took a long time to realize and then detox) and...