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This community is dedicated to starting over after a divorce. With the marriage over, how do individuals begin a new chapter in their lives and what hurdles do they face? Divorce is often one of the most traumatic periods in a person's life. Studies show it is the second-most stressful event in life, after the death of a spouse.

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  • Diva

    Reciprocal Relationships

    I hope this post finds you doing well.What are your thoughts about the components of reciprocal relationships/friendships.  Personally, majority of my relationships/friendships and past marriage have been mostly one-sided, which means I feel that I was more of the giver.   I learned that I need to focus on relationships/friendships that are reciprocal.  Because I am mostly use to being the...
  • Peachie

    Where do I start?

    Hello anyone who will hear me
  • alewis222

    Cant move on

    Ive been divorced for 4 years, you'd have thought that by now I would have moved on with my life, but the last four years I have been so unhappy. The strange thing is, its not cos I want to get back with my ex, but just that I feel so lonely and have not been able to forge a relationship since. Now at the age of 36 and all my friends settled with children, I cant see any future for myself. I...
  • Batgirl

    Separation blues

    News from separation-land (WARNING: DEPRESSING, SO FEEL FREE TO IGNORE): Struggling right now. Separated from my husband of 11 years, who was also (before the marriage) a great friend and is no longer. So far I have been pretty successful at tuning out the whole divorce thing. I've been focusing on my daughter, my work, my own activities etc. and it really hasn't been a focus of attention for...
  • jokiwhau

    Illness After Divorce

    Has anyone had to deal with an ex getting really sick after a divorce?  I have been divorced 3 years now, and just found out this week that my ex-husband probably has terminal cancer.  He is going back to the oncologist next week for final diagnosis.  Our kids are not handling this well (kids are grown, 24, 21, 18).  I don't know how involved I should get???My ex and I don't really talk, but...
  • awake

    New, but just needed a place to say this...

    I am recently divorced, 3 weeks ago to be exact. I separated from my ex in December of last year, after having been married for 15 years. After he came back home last year, from being away for 6 months for work, he came back and started asking to seperate things; for instance finances. Slowly he pushed and pushed, dividing our lives until I finally asked for a divorce. At the beginning of the...
  • jokiwhau

    It DOES get better!

    I just wanted to post something positive.  :-)After divorcing 3 years ago, I never EVER thought I would be able to trust another man or be in a relationship again.  Lucky for me, I have someone in my life who loves me and is exactly what I want in a partner.  Keep your chin up - I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I finally found my prince!  Don't give up peeps!  :-)
  • nathalie

    I dont know why?

    i was married for 16 years with an extremely jealous men with no fundamentals. After  16 yeas I figure he was never going to change. so I move out and filled for divorce 13 months ago, For 11 months he has always begging me to comeback with him but I always said no. A week ago he came to me and told me " I am happy now, I met someone, I am falling in love again" I was crush, I cannot stop...
  • deleted_user

    Missing my ex

    Nov 2008 I left my husband for another man, not only for that reason but we had a lot of problems that I feel could of been taking care of but instead of dealing with them I got up and left. Well here it is a year I am still with the man I left him with but within this week I told him my true feelings I still hold for my ex husband. This was some pretty painful things he had to sit and listen to...
  • I recently found out that my ex was engaged. The divorce was final last October, a year after we split. He moved in with her 4 months after moving out. I shouldn't be surprised, he told me he liked being married. He likes being taken care of. Why does it bother me so much? I enjoy being on my own, being accountable only for myself. We could never have gotten back together, to much had been said...
  • sinclair79

    So... What's next!?

    So... My back story first. Nov 2014 ex wife leaves me for another man she met only 2 weeks before after spending a year prior to that telling me we were ok and that she loved me. No communication on how unhappy she was. Of course there were signs, but I never knew for a moment that she was that unhappy.Anyway, fast forward almost 2 years and I'm in a relatively good place mentally, emotionally...
  • WarriorGal

    Dating....and more? :-)

    I am 71 y-o female. I am very comfortable with online dating. I have been divorced since 1989. Had a 10 year relaionship and have been online dating on and off for 10+ years. I am very selective and also think I have not been ready for more than a firendshio and casual dating.....but now I think I am ready for more.I still do not want marriage or even living togegther, but I am THINKING about...
  • dylanmurphy

    Moving ...

    I will be on this board more as my divorce gets to the finish line. Hi. Not someplace I wanted to be, divorce. But I am going to be happy divorced guy as much I can manage. I accept where I am and am going to make the best of it, have fun with my kids and see what happens. 
  • sinclair79


    Wow. I didn't realise there was a life after divorce support group here. I think that's awesome as that's the stage I'm in. Figuring out what's next! I've been lurking in the Break ups and Divorce group. Not that that's the wrong place, I just feel like I need support in the what's next portion.Anyway, wanted to say hi.
  • TomFil

    Don't know what I'm doing

    I divorced my ex a little over 4 years ago, we had argued over it for years before that, fortunately we've ended it amicable.She has a boyfriend now and i have had a couple of relationships here and there, but nothing meaningful.last year i decided to call it quits, haven't been looking at all, before that I could stnd being alone, but now that I am alone it's driving me crazy, even though I've...