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Hidradenitis suppurativa (hi-drad-uh-NIE-tis sup-yoo-ruh-TIE-vuh) is rare, long-term skin condition that features small, painful lumps under the skin. The disease manifests as clusters of chronic abscesses or boils, sometimes as large as baseballs, that are extremely painful to the touch and may persist for years with occasional to frequent periods of inflammation, culminating in drainage, often leaving open wounds that will not heal.

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Did a strict Gluten/Dairy Free diet help your HS?

I have been on a gluten/dairy free diet now for about 7 months. It has been an education but worth it. I am shifting away from all grains now and going more paleo. I'm also Diary free as cheese makes my HS flare up too. Has a GDF diet helped your HS?



I've wanted to try the gluton and diary free diet but knowing what foods to eat is a bit of a challenge. I wanted to get a deitician to assit me with meal planning but I have to pay out of pocket for it so I decided once I have my surgery tomorrow I was goin to start going to natural food stores and try to gradually change my eating habits but I do hear cutting these foods from your diet help with hs keep me posted on how everything works for you
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I don't have celiac disease (found out couple weeks ago), but pretty sure Iam gluten sensitive.

I was on GF diet for about 3 months. Not strict though. Occasionally, I would cheat. Still, it improved HS a lot.

Now I am dairy free, but not GF. I don't eat a lot of wheat on a daily basis though. It helps with HS. Healthy diet is not cure, but a huge step to improvement. If you eat lots of junk food, I advice to stop that. You would feel craving it so bad, but then craving will be gone. Trust me... I don't crave potato chips any more which I used to eat every day.

I've been GF for a year now. I haven't had any more flares except when I have eaten wheat either knowingly or unknowlingly. The only downfall on GF diet is that it raises your blood glucose because the carbs in rice flour are more than wheat flour. So now.... I'm high protein, low carb and GF which means I eat lean meats, almonds, dairy and non-root veggies. (In other words, I can't have carrots, potatoes and other veggies that are high in sugar). I still have the drainage tracts, but no more flares!

The good thing is that you can now request GF menus and Betty Crocker came through with awesome brownies!

I highly recommend that those with HS go on a strict GF diet for 3 months and then go to an Italian resturant to see if wheat is the real culprit! I did!

i just started a G/D free diet today. I went to this nutrition doctor and she laid out a very specific plan. she also told me that people with HS usually are allergic to wheat (gluten).

Yes! It seems through my research that HS is a suspected Autoimmune Disease. There have been many Celiac Disease pairings. I am 40, have been suffering since 24. Was just officially diagnosed 3 years ago. Last month I started a diet of lean meats, fruits and veggies. Most bread products used are Gluten Free. What a tremendous difference! My HS has not been this mellow in years. I will continue the GF eating and see if this is the reason for me HS to be "not angry" at the moment! A side bonus for this diet is that my joint pain and inflammation has also subsided (which tells me that the autoimmune theory is looking like a reality). I also lost 12 pounds which is an extra added bonus! :) Other triggers I hear are dairy and soy. I've been off soy and have minimized the dairy, but have not given this up entirely yet.
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