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Hemophilia is the name of any of several hereditary genetic illnesses that impair the body's ability to control bleeding.When a blood vessel is injured, a scab will not form and the vessel can continue to bleed excessively for a very long period of time. The bleeding can be external, if the skin is broken by a scrape, cut or abrasion, or it can be internal, into muscles, joints or hollow organs.

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  • Hello,I work for The Henne Group, a research organization based in San Francisco. We are looking for individuals interested in joining our panel and participate in future research projects about their experience living with Hemophilia.These studies about Hemophilia may be in the form of individual interviews, focus groups, or online surveys. This is for research only. We are not selling anything....
  • JMichael

    Hemophilia Research Study $125

    Hi Everyone,My name is Jason and i work with a market research company in Sherman Oaks, CA - Q-insights. We're hosting a research study for those who themselves have Hemophilia A or B or for those who care for someone with Hemophilia. The study would consist of a one on one inerview here in Sherman Oaks (Unfortunately it would need to be in person) lasting one hour and compensating $125 for your...
  • sgolman1


    Hey everyone! Just joined this group and I'm glad to see so many discussions and support going around. It really is a great resource for patients and caretakers alikeHas anyone got any idea why the N9-GP Hemophilia candidate Novo Nordisk was creating didn't get approval for routine prophylaxis? Someone close to me was in the clinical trial for that and saw great results- i'm hoping to see that in...
  • deleted_user

    New & worried

    Hi everyone. we've just found out 5 days ago that our 4 month old boy has sever Haemophilia. He is a twin and his sister will be tested soon. Haemophilia has never been in my family or my husbands family so we are both clueless about this condition.I'm worried for him and what his life will be like.Any advice I'd welcome.
  • SteveP1


    Hi I'm Steve 35yo and live in Australia. This is my first visit back to the site in sometime. I am just enquiring as to whether there is anyone new or existing that uses this group to share support, chat and share experiences etc.ThanksSteve 
  • focusgroups

    Online Interviews Re: Hemophilia B

    We are holding paid online interviews among young adults with Hemophilia B and caregivers of patients just entering high school or college.  This is a nation-wide study and you will be asked to complete 3-4 exercises online over a period of 3 days (approx. 1 hour of your time each day).  In appreciation for your opinions and time we are offering an honorarium of $150.You will be asked to...
  • Our firm is looking for both patients and caregivers of Hemophilia.These are NATIONWIDE telephone interviews. You will receive a check 3-4 weeks after the study.The study is being held at various times to call in for one on one interview from November 14 through 18th.Sign up HERE at http://hemophilia.focusinsite.comThank you! Any questions, just email nimmy@focusinsite.com or first check...
  • Amurphy

    Important Paid Study On Hemophilia

    We are conducting a study across Canada with hemophilia patients to gain insight on treating and dealing with hemophilia on a daily basis, and medication choices. The study involves participating in an online survey. This online survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. In appreciation for your time, you will receive $25 at the completion of the survey.
  • M.Khan

    Worried for Brother

    My brother aged 21 is patient of Hemophilia A and also HCV positive. My question is, will Sovaldi work for the treatment of hep c
  • DG1990

    My Daughter has recently been diagnosed.

    I noticed a while ago that my Daughter kept bruising very easily, and I was really concerned about this along with prolonged bleeding, i.e when she loses a tooth, she can bleed for over half hour. I took her to the GP and was referred to the hospital, they ran blood tests and sent off her bloods to another hospital for further testing. I have had this done also in the past, and I was confirmed to...
  • deleted_user

    Any Hemophila type A ankle surgery experiences?

    I am considering an ankle arthoscope, or ankle fusion as a last resort.I would love to know if anyone has a similar story to tell.I'm a 34 yr old male in decent shape. "Severe Factor VIII deficiency"
  • rufusbabe

    important telephone study - urgent

    Hi everyone Hope all is good for you this Sunday :) I just wanted to post some important and REAL market research that is taking place. This is all worth doing as we need to help as we can. Apart from anything else I also work for the company and wanted to share this with you. IMPORTANT MARKET RESEARCH STUDY :$150 FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP. We are running an important study to help us better...
  • deleted_user

    New techniques

    My son Jabari is hemophilia with inhibitors. see my profile. I keep hearing medical people say there are nare cheaper techniques for taking hemophilia factor..some say patches that get absobants into the blood stream, plug in hand scan lazars that release factor, surups, in halers, body ointment rub that penetrates, new pills, heath store pills, acne puncture, inserts that go under the skin,...
  • lacoursed

    Hemophilia and jobs?

    I have a question. Are there any programs for those with hemophilia or jobs that offer medical right off the bat? cause im on ssi im 23 and I am working on getting my GED but I need more of a income then 743 a month its just not cutting it, and I have a messed up ankle and wrist that bleed if too much is done. That is why I am asking if there is any job I can work that will give me medical so I...
  • deleted_user

    groin bleeding

    Anyone know of anything that works to help a groin bleed? Adult male, ice is pretty tough to keep on there....