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Gout is a form of arthritis caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints. It is an intensely painful disease, which in most cases affects only one joint (monoarthritis), most commonly the big toe. The classic picture is of excruciating and sudden pain, swelling, redness, warmness and stiffness in the joint. Low-grade fever may also be present.

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Vinegar as a Treatment for Gout?


My dad takes medicine daily in order to prevent his gout from flaring up. He's changed his diet and tries to remain as active as one with gout can be; but every month or so the gout flares up and he is out for the count. He takes a separate medication whenever the gout flares up, but the medicine gives him severe migraines!?!?!?!

A friend of mine suggested that my dad soak his foot (area in pain) in vinegar; my friend says that supposedly it will break up the uric acid or something). Has anyone ever heard of using vinegar as a treatment for gout? I'm just looking for alternative treatments since the medicine does not seem to help my father.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Not sure about the vinegar. I do know that drinking several oz of black cherry juice will help. I've had good luck with taking epsom salt baths. 2 cups per bath a few times a week. I've also had good luck with castor oil heat compresses. Chances are he is still eating something that is irritating the gout. The list is endless. I would go to naturalhealthtechinques.com. It's the site of a naturapath, she has a good veggie broth remedy which helps too.

Thanks! Your advice is excellent! Another user also messaged me and told me to have my dad try "mangosteen juice".

yeah I've never tried that mangosteen, I've tried gogi juice which was suppose to help gout. And I've tried other "miracle juices" Like zango, You know the kinds that cure 101 illnesses.
Maybe I'm just jaded but a lot of stuff that should help gout, hasn't.
It's a really terrible thing.
Good luck to you and your dad, it's so nice that your helping him! :)

When he is having an outbread take a cup of wht vinegar and 1/4cup of cayanne pepper, mix them up. Take a wash cloth and soak it in the mixture and then put it on the spot. My husband said it acutally did help with the pain right away. As we all know, not many things help right away.
gotta go, but try it. I am not sure of the exact amounts though.

I haven't tried the apple pectin
apples are suppose to be bad for gout?? I will ask my dr about it and see what she thinks.
I just got put on allopurinol. I am still doing epsom baths and drinking crazy amounts of cherry juice.
I am tapering down from predisone.. it has made my vision so much worst that I am not seeing clearly out of my glasses..
it's been one crazy ride.

Uric acid is an acid. Vinegar is an acid. You're adding an acid to an acid. Duh.

As a topical treatment vinegar can soothe and reduce swelling. Ask your father to try 1/4t of baking soda in 8oz water twice a day. Some people report good results with this. Sodium bicarbonate makes the blood slightly alkeline and helps neutralize uric acid, allowing the kidneys to remove more of it, faster.

I agree apples are too acidic, no cider then sadly, but cider vinegar is active so that may help. It is all diet - I have been on & off Allopurinal & sometimes have stressful days & drinks on the road & no bad effect and other times, what, there it is - so I cannot figure out how to use it - I feel good now, should I go back on? I eliminated wine & all meat, I still drink light light beers (danger) & clear spirits, vodka... & oaccasional badies like lobster (like a catholic on friday offered meat in the old days: sometimes you are going to have to do something you knnow is iffy, but mutate or die... I used to do some white meats but for me it is the elimination of all meat period, most fish & now I get protein for tofu & cheese.
Joint wrapped in warmed castor oil can help & just staying really fit & active; get out of breath once a day,

good luck to all,


Yep the Acute gout attack medicine gives him severe migraines too.
Its all part of Intestinal Disbiosis with gastro toxins from meds crossing gut barrier and inducing neural toxicities.

Organic Black cherry juice helps.
Any food with a low neuclaic acid value helps.
I have mastocitosis and NeuroEndocrineImmuneDisorder's so I know about Intestinal Disbiosis and how food toxins and toxins produced in the digestion of food can cross the gut barrier. Gut barrier's basically 65% by area value of the body's immune system.
Migranes are a classic indication that food toxins and toxins produced in the digestion of food and toxins from medications can cross the gut barrier and induce neuro hormonal responces that induce migranes or the toxins themselves (If they are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier) induce migranes


Very good list

Eat More of These Foods:
Apricots, Bananas, Beef (2x/week only), Bread (Rye), Buttermilk, Chicken, Cantaloupe, Carrots /Carrot Juice, Celery/Celery Juice, Cereals, Not Wh. Wheat Cheese, Cherries (juice or eating) , Chicken Soup, Comfrey Tea, Corn, Cottage Cheese, Custard, Eggs, Fish, Grapefruit, Green Beans, Green Grapes, Iced Tea, Jell-O (No Strawberry), Kava Coffee, Lemonade, Lettuce, Nuts (except Peanuts), Oranges, Peaches, Pears, Pineapple (Canned only) Plums, any colour Pop (except fruit flavours), Pork , Postum (Barley Drink), Potatoes (white or sweet), Rice, Rum, Sanalac (Beverage), Strawberries, Vodka, Watermelon

Avoid These Foods:
During an active bout of gout, dissolve and process uric acid crystals by avoiding the following high purine-containing foods*:

No Alcohol, No Anchovies, No Asparagus, No Apples, No Apple Cider, No Aspirin (causes crystals), No Bacon, fried crisp, No Beef, No Broccoli, No Brains, No Brussels Sprouts, No Beer, No Chillies, No Crab, No Cranberry Juice, No Chocolate, No Dark Grapes, No Dried Beans , No Brewer's Yeast, No Fresh Fruit (Except those listed in Eat More Of table), No Glycine supplements**, No Goose, No Ham (Lean, fatty and processed), No Hot Dogs, No Jams/Jellies, No Kidney, No Lentils, No Lima Beans, No Liver, No Lobster, No Meat Stock, No Mushrooms, No Mutton (aged Lamb), No Onions, No Organ Meats (All types), No Peas, No Peppers, No Peanuts, No Pheasant, No Pop (Fruit-flavoured), No Pies, No Radishes, No Raisins, No Rhubarb, No Salmon, No Sardines, No Scallops', No Spinach, No Squab, No Tomatoes (fresh/can/juice), No Trout, No Turkey, No Veal, No Whole Wheat Cereals, No Whole Wheat Bread, No Yeast or brewer's yeast extract

*Purine is one of four basic building blocks that combine in various ways and amounts to make up amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.
* Higher values of Neucleic acid accumulation convert more easilly to Uric Acid
**Glycine supplements convert to Uric Acid.

A 2D image of a 3D uric acid crystal;

I used to get attacks 2 times a month for years finally the doc put me on 300 mgs of alopurenol and now i have been gout free for about 2 and a half years now, I eat what i want and drink what i want now. Crab legs and beer ! Hope he can get it under control. Good luck
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