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I haven't seen a group for Gastric Sleeve. Its newer, but I know some members have had it, and I could definitely use the support - we all can!

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  • Just wanted to put a note here for anyone that wanders through.  The new site set up can make life.... interesting, shall we say?  Anyways, the sleeve group has always been small, with visitors few and far between. Join us and many of our pouch packing friends at the Gastric Bypass Surgery group.   See you there!
  • Hello again. As stated I'm a newbie to group/chat places although I like Twitter. I also have Facebook acct which is open to public if any interests to bio info. Surgery sleeve was 7/14/15, home 7/15/15. 1st follow-up 7/30/15Lost 15 days, so far so goodSo I guess the question is *Now what?*Blessings to you all
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    Hello, I'm new to this site and I was looking around and I see alot of old post, but I would love to have support. ION I'm getting the duodenal switch which consist of the sleeve and the gastric bypass! I've never had surgery, this would be my first but I'm doing this for ME! Other then that this liquid diet is hard at first but this is only my second day, I'm scheduled for surgery...
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    I need advice

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and I'm in need of someone to talk to. I'm 2 months post surgery today. I lost weight very rapidly the first month but, I have been stuck between 225-227lbs for 3 weeks now, I'm getting very depressed because I can't seem to get past this road block. I'll take all the advice you all will give me, I don't know if it's something that I'm doing or if this is...
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    Surgery In 39 Days <3 !!!

    So I am new to this support group thing so I figure I would give it a try. I am going to Mexico to have my sleeve done in 39 days! I am so excited but I have no idea whats in store for me. Does anyone have any advice for me?? All advice welcome! What should I expect?
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    Surgery in 2 weeks and 2 days!

    Hello out there, I am scheduled for my sleeve surgery on 8/8/14 and I need a support group. I am a traveling consultant and will not be home when the local support group meets. I am a nurse so the pre-op and post-op lists of dos and don'ts are understandable and make sense. I have ordered my vitamins from Celebrate and also tried their soup protein drinks. The Chicken soup is good, the tomato...
  • On may 11th, it will be 2 yrs getting ready for my check and refocusing on loosing my weight .I have lost 124lb and I have 30-40 lbs to go to be at my desired weight.What can I do to kick start the weight lost? I started my workout plan but having trouble with diet.I'm getting my protein,but the truth is I can eat stuff now.. Stuff I shouldn't And need help to break away from the stuff..Please...
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    5 weeks out from the sleeve....

    Hi, It looks like we're still in the minority here. I haven't had a difficult transition from liquids to foods, or with new foods, but I do have to watch out for "one too many bites." Especially when I'm late for a meal. It's awful how hungry I get when I'm late and I can rush a bit. Please let me know if there are more of us out there, OK?
  • Hi, i am on the journey to getting the gastric sleeve done. i was wondering what experiences others have had with this surgery. Good or bad. i would love it if you would share your journey with the sleeve and how it has been going after surgery :) If you have had any troubles? how much weight you lost? how do you feel now after surgery? kinds of things like that. thank you so much for any replies...
  • I'm looking for support for the sleeve. I hope I found it here. I noticed that a few have had their surgery recently. How did it go? How are ya'll doing?My date is November 13, 2013.
  • I was just looking for some people having the sleeve procedure. Mine is 8/9/13. In pre-op liquid phase.. reading as much as I can so i can think about the road ahead and learn from others experiences.
  • Hi everyone. I'm new to this group. I will be having the sleeve done 9/3/13. Starting liquid phase 1 week preop Aug 27th. I'm nervous about what to expect postop. Can anyone share their experiences?
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    Gastric Sleeve

    I see this group here, but it doesn't seem to be active. I'm sure there are plenty of sleevers out there. Let's support each other. Our needs are a little different than those with bypass or banding. I'm almost 7 months out. Doing pretty well. But, like everyone else, it's good to have support from those in the same boat.
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    Hello Fellow Sleevers

    Hi,I've been hanging around in the gastric bypass group, because when I joined there was no sleeve group. Glad to find you. I'll post to the GB group and see if I can round up the sleevers and have them join here too.My surgery is scheduled for February 13th, surgeon Dr. Paul Kemmeter at Grand Health Partners in Grand Rapids, MI. I'm beginning to feel a bit of anxiety, not about the surgery...
  • I am in the process of getting the gastric sleeve. I was wondering if anyone who has had the surgey and give me any tips, suggestions, advice, comments or even let me know there story!Thank you!