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Stomach cancer (also called gastric cancer) can develop in any part of the stomach and may spread throughout the stomach and to other organs, particularly the esophagus, small intestine. It also may extend through the stomach wall and spread to nearby lymph nodes and to organs such as the liver, pancreas, and colon.

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Focal Intestinal Metaplasia

I had an upper endoscopy and the pathology report shows I have focal intestinal metaplasia. The doctor did not even tell me. I just got a copy of the pathology report, becaues I'm switching doctors. My endoscopy was over 6 months ago.
I'm upset because what I read online about focal intestinal metaplasia is that it is a pre-cancerous condition and a high risk for gastric cancer.

I want to talk to anyone else who had this diagnosis now, or who had it and it has turned to gastric cancer.



H. Pylori test was negative.

Did you ever get any information? I was just told I have this as well. With no HPylori. I'm in a panic!

Ok talk to your doctor asap and ask if they can do anything before it becomes cancer.......ask them lots of questions i think the first one should be have they ever helped someone with this! Its not cancer yet so you have that in your favor they should be able to do something.
Big hugs.
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