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A support Group for Targets of Gang Stalking. This is a group for targets who have been flagged, listed, or had a warning marker of some kind issued against their names.

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  • margueriteh

    i believe you

    one of the things that the gangstalkers did was our story and hear your story and invalidate it., they would band with the perps and collectively mock and scorn you, and think up ways to further gangstalk/harsss/murder you.I think all of you were brave to come here and share your thing that I find helpful is prayer.I found myself a very kind holy person who knows the prayers.she...
  • what are the steps that I need to go threw to defend myself or take this to trial?
  • margueriteh

    campaign for equity

    I read someone's post about changing legislation to put the names of the TIs on a list as possible victims of government, there needs to be frequent media exposure about this kind of sentiment.anyone can reason that a abusive person in public office could frame another as a possible 'terrorist' and have them violated on taxpayers dollars. and that is not fair.I don't like to win at...
  • Hello everyone!I am desperate to hear from other victims here in the UK. I feel so alone as no one believes me - my husband, the police... they all said that maybe I am just paranoid. I feel I am under 24/7 surveillance and 100% sure that these bastards (perps) entered my home, move things around, damaged and take stuff, hacked my computer and God knows what else and for some odd reason I am the...
  • New member here: a 10 year victim of Gang Stalking,or at least thats when I first noticed was 10 years ago.Not in denial anymore and ready to start being more proactive. Any info would be greatly appreciated.A lot of disinfo out there!
  • So during my victimization there is a strong macho and psychotic need to emphasize winning or losing...I really don't understand what they are referring to nor do I really care. The only question that I really have is ---why while showing all of their cards ---then hiding any surveillance equipment or tactics ---not allow any real type of legal discovery in this fight of winning or losing. Is it...
  • deleted_user

    What can professionals do to help?

    4. If you are a law maker, you can petition for changing the laws. Ensure targets who are flagged in this way have proper notification letting them know that they are flagged. Convicted criminals have this right, why not targets? Many of whom are innocent members of the public.Petition for better oversight of these programs. As it stands Communities are getting away with serious human rights...
  • deleted_user

    Gang Stalking

    Wow, this is what I am going through & have not found anything like this site that totally explains what is happening to me. I am a innocent achiever studying, working hard over the years to finally work my way to a job/career I enjoyed & deserved. I fought for what was right & once I stood up for myself was then gang stalked. Every where I go I am treated like a violent, crazy person just...
  • deleted_user


    Activism should focus on legal action and proper Freedom Of Information Act request for the various areas.
  • deleted_user

    New to Group

    Hi,I am new to the group. I can not believe that I have finally have found other people that are going through what I am!!!! Seriously, I have had to keep all this to myself for over 3 years as no one believes me & you people are telling me the same crazy things that happen to me, such as the vehicles on the road. They would put semis, etc with wording related to anything I did the day before...
  • I have been gangstalked for over 15 years. I am in Illinois and I see literally 50 -60 red cars in a thirty minute drive. when I approach a stop sign a red car is flying to get there at the same time as me. when I am approaching a stop light I see red cars getting ready to turn or are in the opposite lane. my conversations are repeated by people who did not hear them, nor do I know them and...
  • Organized Stalking in Chennai, India, starts as Hacking of Cell phones, Computers, proceeds to, all the typical Gang stalking tactics and Electronic harassment through Satellite.Google: OSInformers, ProtectLifeNow, And Dr John HallSatellite terrorism.
  • What is Gang Stalking?Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. A target will be flagged by the community for various reasons, their information is sent out to the community at large, and they are followed around 24/7 by the members of the various communities that they are...