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This community is for people who are struggling to meet financial obligations of any kind. Financial challenges include everything from the day-to-day challenges of making ends meet to managing credit card debt to bankruptcy. Get support from others who are going through similar obstacles on the road back to financial stability.

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New Financial Support Network~check it out!

Whether youre economically disadvantaged or not, this site will educate you about ALL kinds of ways to save $$$, resulting in what I call new found money, which can be applied to more pressing needs or wants. From agricultural small business and rural housing loans, to military veterans Veterans Administration benefits links, education and everything in between. More will follow and any topic inquiries are welcome of general interests; send a private message please and Ill see what I can dig up and post.

The "Financial Support Network"



My finances are a mess now so I am looking for $ help wherever I can get it.

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