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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is fatty inflammation of the liver not due to excessive alcohol use. Most with NAFLD have no or few symptoms. Infrequently patients may complain of fatigue, malaise and dull right upper abdominal discomfort. Mild jaundice can rarely be noticed. More commonly it is diagnosed as a result of abnormal liver function tests during routine blood tests.

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  • Hello,My name is William Mills and I am the patient experience manager at Science 37.  We have a new IRB approved research study available for people with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) that I wanted to share with you.  I usually reach out to the administrators of any group and tell them who we are and what research we have available as a way to start working together, but since this group...
  • mega54

    I have an enlarged liver, not Fatty Liver Disease?

    My ultrasound shows my liver has a fatty infusion that has caused it to enlarge. My doctor says my enzymes are okay, so I do not have FATTY LIVER DISEASE. I have all but one of the symptoms I found for Fatty Liver Disease. The exception is jaundice. The others are: fatigue, obesity, dark colored andpungent urine, weakness, loss of appetite, itching, mental confusion, and pain in the upper...
  • Jade50


    Mine fatty liver also complicated with fibromyalgia​ but couldn't find a group for that. I don't know what to do?  My best friend has been having mood swing so at 4 am when she​ text me she turns everything into an argument. Even if it have a good or what u doing. Iam isolated no and need support group. 
  • Jade50

    Jalyn new diagnosis

    I just got dianosised with fatty liver. They asked me if I drank. I never drank or smoked anything. I feel like doctor don't believe me. Anyone there?
  • cltriver

    Need suggestions regarding diet/foods

    I had a liver biopsy earlier this month and have been diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I am considering doing a new drug research study, but not sure. I am looking for dietary help. Is there an online food plan? I do not need to lose weight but would like to manage this with diet if possible.Thank you
  • passionfruit3

    Dont know what to do

    I have recently been diagnosed with this a month ago or two i have symptoms of gas abdominal pain and nausea at times though usually there aren't any symptoms from fatty liver what i read.i need to lose weight and change my diet everyone keeps saying i look so skinny but when i get on the scale it doesn't show only a few pounds. Im frustrated i have a blood test in a few days i don't know what ...
  • whodo

    food cravings and NAFLD

    I was diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver desease a few months ago, but have had symptoms for three years.  The problem I'm having is food cravings.  I know I need to lose weight, but I can't get away from sodas and sugar.  Anyone have a suggestion?
  • Chutney

    Once you have NALD you always have it

    Hi I just joined this group. I was diagnosed with fatty liver about 6 years ago. The diagnosis was pure luck as I presented with frequent respiratory infections. After an ultrasound and biopsy, the diagnosis was confirmed. I learned that there is no medical treatment for fatty liver, only life style changes.  No pill, no meds, nothing. The answer lies in your nutrition. I put myself on a...
  • tsligh

    Members interested in clinical trials for NAFLD?

    I would be happy to help if anyone wants to learn how to look for ongoing and upcoming research studies for NAFLD.Teresa S. Sligh, MD, CPIMedical DirectorProvidence Clinical ResearchNorth Hollywood, CA
  • magi

    Newly diagnosed after months of breathlessness.

    Hi I have just been diagnosed with Fatty Liver, after months of being treated for breathlessness. I was finally sent for an Ultrasound and the fatty liver showed up. I would welcome advice about diet. How have you made changes to your diet, and what to they mean by 'more exercise'. It is particular kinds. Would really love to understand more. Thank you so much xx
  • I read online at Earthclinic that carrot juice works to detoxify the liver. I've had pain on the right upper abdomen, right below my rib cage. I was diagnosed with fatty liver but I didn't realize  the pain could be a symptom. I bought some fresh squeezed carrot juice at Wholefoods, half gallon, and drank an 8 ounce glass, then another later that day. Guess what? No Pain! I even drank coffee,...
  • Zendon

    NAFLD and choline (new here)

    Hi... I'm a 48-yo man, very rarely drink, but was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and NAFLD in February 2016. Prior to that, I was 80-100 lbs overweight, and began having upper abdominal pain about a year or two before. I suspected a peptic ulcer, and when I went to my dr, he suspected gallstones and referred me for a CT scan. This was also when he caught my type 2 diabetes in my blood sample (I...
  • Hello, My name is Cerina. And I am going to tell you a little bit about my story. When I had my Daughter (my first Child) I had a really bad Gallbladder attack two weeks after delivery and I ended up Having to get my gallbladder removed after 4 Gallbladder attacks. And my body forever was changed. It was a lot harder for me to lose weight! and my insides started to hurt all the time my Health...
  • apriljune2014

    Fatty Infiltrated Liver

    Hi all, I am a 28 year old female. I went to the doctor back in mid January after not having gone for several year. They went ahead and did bloodworm that morning because i had not yet had any breakfast, although my grandma did pass away about 12:20 that morning and i did drink some sprite and take some Tylenol/Ibprophen. The test results came back as elevated liver enzymes and low good...
  • singer8621

    Qusetions about Food

    I just received my blood work results and my liver enzymes are high. My doctor wants me to quit drinking (I don't drink) and go on a low carb low sugar diet (lifestyle change) I was wondering what the best foods are for this type of diet. I would prefer that my husband share this lifestyle change with me as well so I need options that he will eat too.Thank you for your help.