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Esophageal cancer is malignancy of the esophagus. There are various subtypes. Esophageal tumors usually lead to dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), pain and other symptoms, and is diagnosed with biopsy. Small and localized tumors are treated with surgery, and advanced tumors are treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or combinations.

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The location of my tumor is in the upper portion of my esophagus (around C4 approximately) so surgery is not the first course of treatment due to the location. My surgeon said that he does not opt for surgery first anyways because he tries as hard as possible to keep his patients structurally sound. They all feel at this time surgery would not benefit me and that squamous cell responds well to radiations and chemo. 5 1/2 weeks of radiation to start with chemo once a week. I am having surgery tomorrow for a feeding tube to go in my stomach (originally i thought it was going into the intestines but since I am not having the surgery, it would be much more beneficial to be in the stomach my surgeon said). Has anyone else had the feeding tube put in?? I have so many questions about that and also the treatments. My cancer and location are rare so not sure if I will find anyone here to be able to compare but I sure hope so. My prayers are with all of you. I would be willing to share my email or number if wanted. Thanks again :)



I had a feeding tube put in the intestine at the time of surgery. I used it for about 8 weeks. i was weaned off of it when i could eat enough calories. I didnt need it during chemo or radiation. i lost some weight but not enough to need one. i was about 50 lbs overweight anyway. i had the 6 weeks radiation and chemo before surgery. it is tough but you sound like a fighter. Good Luck dear, Cindy