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When the immune system responds to a foreign substance in an abnormal way, it is classified as an allergy. When the body first contacts the substance, it will not cause any reactions, but the immune system will start to produce antibodies to it and subsequent contact will trigger more dramatic responses. Depending on the allergy, the response could be mild or very severe and even fatal.

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Finding Relief, Help!

Going to start soon on allergy shots. The bad thing is it will take weeks to build up in system. In the meantime what can i do to relieve nasty symptoms? I have itchiness all over, especially nose, throat, eyes. I take Allegra, flonase, and allergy eye drops. If you have any suggestions Please let me know! 



I started shots 2/15 of this year.
It's been 6 months and now I'm at maintenance. I still can't smell all of the time, but I am a lot less miserable.
I was allergic to 36 of the 42 allergens they teated for and I've only ever met 1 other person who was as obviously allergic as me. I'm the kind of allergic that people "with allergies" don't want to be.
I take allegra in the am, singulair in the evening, zyrtec at night, and an inhaled nasal spray because the luquid sprays couldn't reach my sinuses because they were so inflamed.
A friend of mine uses xyzol, it's the strongest one without a prescription, she likes it. I've had multiple physicians tell me that taking as many meds as I take regularly is fine.

I have food allergies, and also am allergic to soaps, a lot of chemicals, pesticides, rag weed, I will not take allergy shots. I eliminated some foods from my diet, no nuts, I eat mostly organic, I also do not eat fried foods, and no meat. I eat sea food about twice a month, organic firm tofu. I do not use commercial cleaning products, I use basis bar soap for my skin, face, body. I use organic coconut oil in a jar as a conditioner for my hair, leave in few minutes rinse out, I do not trust doctors any more. I take Allegra. hope this helps..

See my post earlier today. One of the big 4 is dust mites, when I eliminated them I got some relief,

Allegra worked in my case.
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