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Down syndrome is characterized by a combination of major and minor abnormalities of body structure and function. Among features present in nearly all cases are impairment of learning and physical growth, and a recognizable facial appearance usually identified at birth. Many other organ systems may be affected as well. If you or your child is suffering from Down syndrome, join the group and find support.

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  • bumbledbees


    Hi all, I am curious to what kind of school your children attend and if inclusion is implemented within their classrooms? Do they go to public schools or schools specifically for children with special needs? How is this working for your child?
  • katiebelle1091

    What age were you??

    Just curious , but what age were you when you had your child with Downs Syndrome ?? I was 33 when I had Sam , Katie xxx
  • katiebelle1091


    I don't if any of the old timers from the early days are still on here but I said I'd post anyway. One of the early church but rubbers mymeg ( Karen) passed away two days ago suddenly. She was mom to Meg a wonderful girl just through her second cancer fight . It's horrible her mother was snatched from her so suddenly. Anyway those of us who remembet Karen know what a great person she was . We...
  • krazykatt58

    Reality of Disability

    It was never easy, but it is getting harder to deal with the emotions at this age of transition. There is so much guilt on my part for not having done "a better job:, and I have not been well. I thought I could have done a better job.I have gotten sick in these past few years when she was in middle school without a wrap. I am no support for her emotions dealing with this, and I am admitting...
  • I took the blood tests. I took the ultrasounds... i was told all is well!!! Well here i am holding a baby with ds and av canal defect. Also her anus is in the wrong spot and she has to go through different surgeries. I cry alot to know she has to go through so much and she is so tiny... i never had a clue and im not sure what i would have done if i would have known. Im 25 and i have an 8th grade...
  • Hi All My Daughter Is Rocking An Extra Chromosome. I have an instagram to document our journey. feel free to follow her ... All.About.Soli
  • enchanting123

    Down Syndrome and loneliness

    Does anyone ever feel totally alone in this world; I feel sometimes that it is just my son and me, and I try hard to fit in both worlds, but it is just not always possible. I don't have much support from family and friends;I feel that the world just don't understand. Always feel torn between my son with Down Syndrome and my husband and my two other kids. Just had to vent this morning, because I...
  • stephanie2373

    Still trying to Cope with DS

    My daughter is 4 months old and she has down syndrome which got us by surprise. it is still hard for me to cope with it. She is already having therapy for her speech and physical. is it crazy for me to think she is going to reach her milestones just like any other kid if i push her ? this has been hard for me and i am still trying to cope with it. I love her so much and i just want the best for...
  • deleted_user

    I have Down Syndrome

    My name is Jenna and I have Mosaic Down Syndrome. I am 36 years old and live on my own. I have a regular life. I graduated high school with my class. I do a lot of things differently than from someone who has been affected by DS physically. I do have a higher mental capacity. I can drive a car, I can shop, don't need help physically or mentally. I help out when I can when it comes to blood...
  • Hi,I was told by my daughters therapist they are sticking with Hand signs and her Dynovox Compass instead of teacher her to speak because they dont feel with her tongue she is going to. Im not too comfy with that? There are tools out there and things like Blowing bubbles, sipping staws, other oral tools works muscles. I feel she is not properly being stimulated to speak. Anyone else going thru...
  • Just wondering if anyone wants to start chatting and sharing on here again ? I am up for it if there is anyone else who wants to .
  • in need of support !!!
  • deleted_user

    New to group

    Hi guys, I from several different other groups I on DS but I have been thinking of my friends that have down syndrome and I just want to be here to support people with down syndrome and people that have relatives that have down syndrome I recently found out that one of my child hood friends had a stroke and she has down syndrome and that is why I want to support people with down syndrome and...
  • I was wondering if their were any other single moms who have a child with down syndrome and what your experience has been with dating....My little girl, Adia is almost six years old. Her dad and I divorced back in june and she has had a very difficult time with the change. Her behavior is very difficult to say the least! She refuses to stay in her own bed and is very tempermental. I have dated a...
  • deleted_user


    We are looking for a change from florida and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for states or towns that they love for their kids. Our son is 6 with Down syndrome and amazing but we are frustrated with the horrible school systems.