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hip and leg pain

I have a friend who has diabetes and is on insulin. My friend is having leg and hip pain.
Her doctor sent her to a neurologist only she is in pain and doesn't get to see him till the end of this month. My Friend limps and and I want to know if anyone has had this problem and if it could be related to having diabetes?
Is their any way that I can help her?




I'm just wondering what type of pain it is your friend is having, cuz if it's something due to the diabetes, that would more than likely be neuropathy, or something along those lines, i would think. But as i mentioned earlier, it would really depend on what type of pain it is they are having.

If it is circulation problems in her leg, then it is certainly due to diabetes. She needs it checked out ASAP!

I also had leg and hip pain. walk with a lip, had a ot of test,then it started to affect my back, started falling they sent me to a neuro.to see if it was diabetes neuropathy cuz if had dabetes for 30plus yrs, they found out i have ms tell your friend not to give up there is hope

Is your friend type 1 or type 2? I only ask because type 2s take insulin as well sometimes.

How are your friend's blood sugars? She should try to keep them within range as much as she can. Even if the pain is unrelated to the diabetes, if your blood sugars are in range then other conditions do improve and you avoid unnecessary stress on your body.

You can get neuropathy as a complication of diabetes but it is hard to say if that is what your friend has. I would hesitate to give any sort of diagnosis online even with more information. Since your friend is going to see the doctor I am sure she or he will give your friend a proper diagnosis. When that happens maybe you could encourage your friend to come here and ask any questions she has.

I don't think there is much you can do. If you try to get your friend to look after herself sometimes it can come across wrong. Just try and provide support. If you want to do something more, maybe cook her a healthy meal or do something with her that she enjoys - it is important to stay positive.
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