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Childhood","Children can have depression, an illness marked by persistent sadness or disruptive behavior. Mood shifts, acting out, despair, and low moods (similar to adults) are the main symptoms of depression in children and are often overlooked as normal child-like emotions. If you have a child you suspect may have depression, join the community and get support."

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  • Ineedzhelp


    My daughter feels depressed and can't sleep at night and she wants to run away and die because she feels unloved. She can't even come tell anyone about, I only know because I found her diary.What do I do?
  • Meliann1984

    Teen cutter

    I just recently found out my almost 13 year daughter has been cutting for a few months. Got her in to the Dr and is now in intensive outpatient therapy, seeing a psychiatrist every other week and maybe possibly needing medication. She's slowly opening up and I'm finding out things I had no idea about. I'm just looking for other parents dealing with a similar issue. I feel so lost sometimes. 
  • Doingitmyway

    Desperate mum needs help

    Since birth she has had problems, used to bang her head on the floor until it bruised, she used to sit in silence and had to see a SALT.  In nursery they introduced a psychologist as she wouldn't leave me, they called it separation anxiety. We then moved to a school and things just kept getting worse. My little girl never really had friends nor was interested in playing. We then had to move...
  • Hiddenpoet

    Im Drowning

    I feel has if im drowning and nobody seems to see it all they see is a practiced smile they dont here me scream of shout I just wish they did I wish someone can just understand that I am Drowning
  • artkelso

    Teenager depression

    my son is home from school on a medical leave because of depression . He is up and down emotionally and he can't seem to get pass " if only he had ---he would be happy " and he gets angry and gets In A fetal position ... much more but this is my first time on this sight 
  • sharon.o

    Tap this thing on?

    It seems many posts are older here. I have a 15 year old daughter, currently finishing out a partial hospitalization program for her depression. I would love to touch base with other parents for support and advice.are there active groups or discussions here?thank you!
  • drewmorg5643

    My Dad Hates Me

    So, I made a bad choice and flipped off a camera. So recently, my parents find out and I had a talk with them. As soon as my mom left to get groceries he started making mean comments like He hated me and that he is disgusted by me and started slamming stuff around. Please help
  • lovemydaughteralways

    Homicidal ideation in 14 yro step-daughter

    Hi.  My stepdaughter is 14 and has suffered from depression/anxiety since I met her 3 years ago.  Brief history: she has a sister 3 years older than and my bio daughter (also 3 years older).  The girls lost their mom to cancer 4 years ago. Their mom was verbally abusive and aggressive toward them.  We are a military family and live in Germany right now -which makes ALL mental health issues...
  • terriy

    Looking for others who will be active 10 weeks

    I see that most of the replies here are older. I am looking for others who will commit to being in this discussion at least once a week for the next 10 weeks. It is part of a class for me that requires I be active in an online support group. This requires others to be active with me in the group. My 13 year old daughter is currently inpatient in an adolescent mental health hospital for...
  • shel52202

    My kid's just been diagnosed. Now what?

    Last week my daughter was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, and I guess the acronym everyone's using is MDD. She's going to be 13 in 11 days. It came as a total blindside when the guidance counselor at school called and said my kid expressed a desire to end her life. So now we're bouncing between doctors, trying to secure at-home education, and do a screening for antidepressants, all...
  • shauni617

    from othe that have dealt with this...

    My son does not have a relationship with his father. And has recently been diagnosed with depression. His Dr. put him on Zoloft, and that was about 3 weeks ago. Today, he put him on Guanfacine, Im not sure what the right answer is....Im so lost, and worried about my kid. I need advice!!!
  • sirsmiley21

    checking in again still no sign of the person

    so here i am checking in and there is no sign of the person who was like hey coem check in each week....this group is dead i guess:(
  • monica19

    is her depression my fault

    I think my daughter is very depressed. She is 11. My older two boys have moved out and have very little to do with her. Her dad died 5 years ago and my parents health is failing. My 12 year old son is autistic and I am overwhelmed doing it all alone and helping with my parents and no support. She says that the main thing that makes her sad out of all of this is that I don't comfort her. She says...
  • sirsmiley21

    weekly checkin

    just checkingin
  • Multi-Chara

    All About Introverts

    All About IntrovertsBy Carol BainbridgePeople dont outgrow introversion, so the introverted adult was once an introverted child. What is true of one is true of both. Contrary to popular opinion, introverts are not asocial, nor are they friendless loners who lack social skills. They simply have different social needs and preferences.FriendshipsIt is not easy for introverts to make new friends...