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Chewing Tobacco and IRN

Does anyone know if the use of chewing tobacco can affect your IRN levels?



I don't know, but maybe you could ask your pharmacist. Someone suggested to me early on that I run all non-prescription and prescription drugs by the pharmacist. Maybe he/she will know about tobacco.

Hi Nwhunter,

I don't know about chewing tabacco either, but the issue with smoking is it reduces oxygen at the capillary level, as well as dehydrates you both due to the smoke itself. However, if just chewing, which introduces just nicotine into the blood, in my opinion, I don't think it does affect your INR level.


This was cross posted on the PE board too. This URL had information about 1/2 way down on smokeless tobacco use on warfarin.,cardiovascular/c/12374/dnnprintmode/true/skinsrc/

I think nicotine in all its forms (smoked, chewed, patch, gum, etc.) interacts with warfarin and drives your INR down. (Ignoring all the other associated health impacts :) -p
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