Crouzon Syndrome Support Group

Crouzon Syndrome is when an infant's skull and facial bones, while in development, fuse early or are unable to expand, preventing normal bone growth from occurring. This leads to different patterns of growth of the skull. This community is dedicated to the challenges of growing up with Crouzon Syndrome. Find support, ask questions, and get advice from others going through the same challenges.

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  • thudec20

    Dealing with it all

    I remember when I was younger the days that I missed school because of my multiple operations. I lost so many friends because for half of the school year I would be at home recovering. When I would go out in public I would always feel like people were watching me. They would stare or mutter comments to the people they were with. Little kids would point their fingers and laugh. I hated going out...
  • deleted_user

    Living with Crouzon Syndrome

    Hello: I am finding a hard time to date men that are not intimidating to gaze at. I am not looking for some one with the same medical issues as me; just some one who is willing to understand that it may take me awhile to get adjusted to there presence. I need advice on how to draw attention to the right kind of men!
  • deleted_user


    I have been wearing parcials from top to bottom and I am not ashamed to it arecials articials articals races accept it. I amy not be able to eat like I use to. mid temided