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High pulse rate and exercise

Yesterday at Rehab. I had come into class with a pulse rate of 115 oxygen saturation of 94, blood pressure 96/58. I did my stretching warm up, and then went on to the weights. I did 6 different exercises 20 reps of each with two 3 lb weights. Then moved on the the stationary bike, I did 15 min. and my pulse rate went up to 150 and was inching up. They stopped me at 15 min. my pulse rate was 160, blood pressure was 140/80. I rested for 5 or 6 min then they moved me to the rowing machine. My starting pulse was about 138, and as I exercised on the rowing machine my pulse again inched back up to 160 with in 6 min.
I again stopped and rested, drank some water and sat alone until my pulse went down to 132. Then I moved to the treadmill, dunning my 11 min walk, my pulse hung between 150 and 160, I stopped at 11 min.
I rested and did my cool down, My pulse was at about 130 to 134 and everyone was leaving, so I headed for the elevate. I got there and had to stop. No one was around that I knew at that point. I inched onto the elevator with a mother and baby, hit the button and went to the first floor. Got off and took about 15 steps to a chair. I sat for 15 min. and then thought I make it to the car which was not to far from the chair I was sitting in. I did make it, and then sat in my car for 15 min. before I felt my pulse rate low enough to drive.
Now last night my pulse rate was fast hanging out at about 104. During the night my pulse rate has gone down to 82, oxygen at 94-96. and its now 4:00 AM.
OK, they were busy at the end of class and I had make the class run over cus they stopped me so much. They also were in a hurry to leave class.
I said something to the doc. during the mid rehab evaluation about this problem which happens not every time I exercise, he think its panic attacks....which is nuts I think. His thing at the meeting was that I work very hard at rehab and had progressed more quickly than any other pt. in the history of their rehab.
what do you guys think about this fast pulse rate during and after exercise. I am concerned.
could it be meds. I am taking symbiont and spiriva.
I am also up for evaluation for IBV study and transplant. I had a heart eco. and it showed I had very very mild valve problems both right and left.
What do you think???



I share your concern about a high pulse rate.
I wish I had answers. Mine is usually over 100; just resting. I walk or do very minimum
movement and mine heart rate shoots up immediately. I think I wrote this in another
post. The pulmonary nurse did not believe me
so they hooked me up to ox/sat and had me walk the hall. One trip down, and 1/2 trip back; and I was told to STOP! If, I can only
walk a short distance without my pulse shooting up; how in the world can I exercise.
They told me to keep my exercise pulse under
130. That is the equivilant of walking from
my living room to my kitchen. LOL Some workout? I think you should probably ask
more questions of the rehab folks, and/or your doctor. Let me know what you find out;
as this is very worrisome for me personally.
Thanks and good luck.

The B/P and heart rate you had before you began your exercise should maybe be considered.
I think you exerted a tremendous amount of energy and never should have been left on your own until someone checked you out. You had quite a few changes in your vitals during your program. Pace yourself, rest longer and listen to your instincts.

The great thing about pulmonry rehab (at least in UK where I live is) that one is monitored by professionals in their field and the results of your exertions and progress is reported to consultant, physio and respiratory nurses, placed on your medical records and notified through the professional physical fitness instructor who specialises in cardiac and pulmonry rehab.

Sometimes you may be referred to a cardiologist if there is an indication that the heart needs to be checked.

I have had a fast pulse rate from the onset of my breathing difficulties even before I was diagnosed with COPD. Blood pressure often goes up naturally during exercise.
My heart was checked as ok and it seems they not too bothered about my now permanent fast pulse rate.

I am sure you are being well monitored if your pulmonry rehab is being run by your hospital.

Keep up the good work - pulmonry rehab is a great educational and exercise program for anyone with COPD or emphysema.

If you are concerned about anything do speak with your respiratory team at rehab, I'm sure they will be able to help.

Good Wishes and Have Fun

The Rehab people are by my side watching as my pulse raises on the monitor, the alarm goes off at 150. They at first stop ed me when my heart rate hit 150, but now they let me go to 160 and then stop me.
Your right, I am working very hard in class, I am the only person who breaks a sweat, and they are upping the bar each week. I am following the program they put on the chart for me.
I guess it worries me that they let me leave the class, they were in a hurry to go, and my pulse was still high, and to be honest I thought I would faint several times and there was no one to help me.
I will talk to them on Thursday, or maybe I should call them today.
I thank you both for your very quick response, I admit this worries me a lot, mostly that they did not care enough, or notice at the end that I was in no shape to leave by my self.

Thanks Breathless, just wondering how high does our pulse rate go, goes it go as high as 160?

Purpleiris does yours go that high?

Ohana you think my low blood pressure may play a part?

Thanks everyone for responding, it means a lot to me...
I love rehab so very much and I am working very hard.

Have a wonderful day<

I just keep thinking that you are doing a rigorous workout.and that is how we eventually are able to decrease our heart rates as our bodies become more conditioned. The one thing you might try is something like a juice before you leave rehab. Possibly you may have some lower blood sugar from the exercise. Hope this helps you.

What you are doing and the attitude you have I believe is correct - I have an article in my archieves written by a COPDer who like myself was on oxygen 24/7 and her attitude was the same as you are displaying.
Now she is totally off oxygen even at night. When I find it I shall sent you it by message.

What came to mind for me was to question whether you had done any extra doses of a broncodialator before excercising or even your normal medication routine. These can increase the heart rate, and along with the hard workouts you are doing may be a factor in your rapid heart rate.

It could be, too, that you are just overdoing it a bit. Are you kinda competative? Maybe you are stressing more than you think because you want to do so well. Sometimes slow motion gets you there faster. :o)

Just to show you how we are all different, my rehab therapists were amazed at me, for my heart rate even after exercising never went up much...65 or so, and that was cause for concern.

Hope you feel better.

You are very wise. Low blood sugar could be part of the problem, I will carry orange juice with me and see if that helps.
Thank You so Very Much for your help and advice.
Have a Great Day!

Donal Please do send the article if you find it. Are you feeling better today? I do hope so... and wish you a very good day!

Jam, love your bike!
I am working very hard, not conpetive except with my self. I had no idea I was beating out the whole rehab, when they told me I was totally shocked, and still am... I am sort of hyper by nature, but I was working hard cus I wanted to become strong and save my own life.
I thought about the possibility of meds causing the problem and it is possible. It may be the symbiont, was taking two puffs twice a day and have reduced it to one puff twice a day. Advair gave me an irregular heart beat after taking it for several years, and a fast heart rate, and symbiont also has a steroid, anyway I am have reduced the dose, see what that does. I am also going to try taking Juice to class and see if that helps.

I am go glad you are all trying to help me with this, I truly thank you so very very much!

And wish you all a very good day!

Sassyme you are very wise and I am listing to what you say.
I cut the symbicort dose in 1/2 yesterday and this morning my pulse rate resting is 78 to 83, and when I get up and move around it is not sky rocketing. I will see what happens today in rehab. If my pulse rate skyrockets in rehab today I will ask about a heart study beyond what they have already done. I leave for the Mountains tonight, and wont be around for a few days, but know I will be thinking of you and the others while I am away.
Thanks again, you helped!
Have a great day,
and weekend,
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