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A coma is a profound state of unconsciousness. A comatose patient cannot be awakened, fails to respond normally to pain or light, does not have sleep-wake cycles, and does not take voluntary actions. Coma may result from a variety of conditions, including intoxication, metabolic abnormalities, central nervous system diseases, and hypoxia.

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  • soniitadedios

    I was in a coma 10 years ago

    Can anyone please tell what they are experiencing after 10 years? I feel so alone, I know I am not crazy but a lot has changed after 10 years, please help me understandThanks
  • tedlington

    coma or not a coma

    himy friend is supposedly in a coma in another state   her family is giving very sketchy details     i don't believe that she is from what i gather but just s few questions would a family be allowed to leave a cell phone with a coma patient at the nurses station    they claim they did   but it makes no sense to me does it sound normal that only three days after a coma started that the...
  • Druantia

    My mom's been in vegetative state for 6 months now

    My mom is in a vegetative state for six months after a cerebral hemmorhage and brain haematoma surgery. I visit her every day. At the very beginning I was telling her in details what I was currently doing, how my day was, even what I bought or ate. However as I see no progress in her state - there is no contact with her, she doesn't react, doesn't look at me, doesn't follow any simplest...
  • Surviver

    Has waking from the Coma killed my marriage

    Hi, I'm new to the group and would like some advice.  I was in a medically induced coma 3yrs ago and my husband was told to prepare for the worst however I survived and woke up 4 days later.  My marriage was never a fairy tale but since waking I feel that my husband sometimes wishes I hadn't.  I put this question to him however he never responded, didn't acknowledge it and left the room.  Am...
  • Jingle

    My Mom's in coma for nearly 3 years #still waiting

    My mom had a stroke(aneurysm) 3 years ago, now she's in the hospital. She still relies totally on the ventilator, however she sometimes move her fingers and feets. Most of the time when i tell her the old stories or sing her the songs she know, she shows reflects, by turning her face or sometime move her feets. Her health remains steady throughou the year. However, as the time goes, I feels so...
  • Pinkie777

    Husband in coma for 2 months 5 days

    My husband fell into a coma June 7 2014 after his heart stopped and he stopped breathing. I called 911 I tried cpr. The ambulance men did cpr, the hospital did cpr and after 45 minutes got his heart started again. Now he is in a coma from lack of oxygen.I hate myself. If I had done the cpr instead of calling 911 or done it better things would be different. He has gone from the intensive care...
  • deleted_user

    anyone at home??

    Oh wow this reminds meof Hades. Im getting out of here. If anyone ever wants to hear my story go to Hep C group. I am Dreamkite3 I was the original Dreamkite but had to get another laptop. Now there are like 300 people using that name. Bet not 1 can tell me my own story about it. Everything has a history. I will tell you in case you are on the other side and have someone in a coma. When I was...
  • deleted_user

    Please help..In come for 2 years

    Dear Members & Experts, This is my first post and I am writing in post that some nice person respond. Two years back, my nephew got involved in accident and he had severe head injury. He somehow survived while three others died on the spot. Since then he is in coma. He respond if we pinch etc, open his eyes and all but still in coma. We tried all options in Delhi, India but so far no luck. His...
  • charlotte-c

    Coma Dreams

    Hi,When my husband came out of his coma he told me of the incredible dreams he had, which got me thinking...So I started writing them down and illustrating them... Then I thought about collecting more and creating a book of them.So if you would like to add your dream, or dreams and see how an illustrater interprets them, then please contact me at with your dream in as...
  • deleted_user

    come and life after death

    hello, has anyone heard of those people that have been in a come, come back with stories of the after life and heaven?? is anyone familiar?? has anything like that happened to you?
  • Long story short, after have surgery to reattach my colon with after a battle with colon cancer. I had caught pneumonia which turned into ARDS. I was 2 days from coming home this was right before last Thanksgiving. I tire easy and suffer from chronic pain almost every day. What would be some things I can do to prevent these or at least ease up. As of right now I'm extremely frustrated, any help...
  • deleted_user

    Almost 2 years since my coma.........

    Hi, my name is Amy and I'm new to the group. I am looking for people to talk to that have gone through what I have been through--medically induced coma. I was placed in one on May 18, 2012 after my husband took me to the ER because I couldn't breathe. I had bacterial pneumonia, diabetic keto acidosis and collapsed my right lung. I don't even remember the drive to the hospital. I don't...
  • mackenzielee

    touch therapy and comas

    Greetings, my name is Mackenzie, please pardon the run on sentence that follows. I am seeking some thoughts and opinions from the community with regards to massage therapy ( be it light efflurage, reflexology, subtle energy techniques, holding, or healing touch) as a useful tool to apply to individuals who have -or who are currently experiencing a coma. a bit about me is that I am currently...
  • Anne8

    How long coma vs. recovery

    My husband has been in an induced coma, and they are slowly trying to take him out of it. . . my question is, how long were the comas you all here experienced, and how much did the person in question recover?I have gone through the full range of imagining what will happen to him, from death to many years of coma to maybe being at least somewhat functional. What experience have you/family...
  • michal88

    I'm looking for stories.

    hi, Im looking for stories of people who have experienced coma. Im doing reserch on coma for a book Im planning to write. I want to understand what exactly happens to the body when the head hits something heavy, And what happens then.Thanks to all who answer:)