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Asking for Mom -- Anyone ever try CBD?

Hello Everyone,

I am new and wanted to see if anyone has ever tried CBD oil for arthritis and other chronic pain? Or, have your loved ones ever try it?





Is CBD Oil legal in her state ? If it is not, she will be breaking the law if she buys it..

If she is drug tested, it is possible she could test positive for THC. Even if it is legal in her state, if she is working she could be fired. If she is under a pain contract, she could be dismissed and find it difficult if not impossible to find another doctor to help manage her pain.

She is in a CBD oil legal state. She is not too concerned about failing drug tests. We watched a few videos on here ( It talks about how CBD is used for trauma and athletes use it for recovery and to cope with pain. Thinking it's worth a try...

I use CBD lotion on chronic pain and it helps tremendously. I use SanareSmart brand but there are many great whole plant brands out there, I swear by it now.

Have you used anything besides a lotion? Tincture? Capsules?

I tried it and it didn't help me at all but the people at the store swore it worked for other people. I had no side effects so I'd say it's worth a try. Good Luck!

I live in Colorado & I have RSD/CRPS. It is a HORRIBLE pain disease. I have used CBD & Marijuana both.
The CBD didn't seem to help my pain. Then I found out that CBD works best when it is taken with a small amount of THC. The 2 things work together to kill pain.
CBD is expensive so I only use an Indica marijuana edible. I take one Indica marijuana edible at bedtime. It helps SO much with my pain, muscle spasms & sleep issues.
The Indica that I use is bred to relieve pain, spasms & promote relaxation & sleep.
I take it at bedtime so that it puts me to sleep & I don't feel the high.
The pain relief lasts all day & I usually don't start feeling more pain until bedtime.
If your mom goes with straight CBD, it must be taken continuously to feel relief. It has to accumulate in your system. Same with marijuana.
But as I stated earlier, CBD works best for pain when taken with a small amount of THC. If she goes this route, make sure the THC is from Indica marijuana.
If she decides to use Indica marijuana, start out with a small amount & go to more as she acclimates to it.

I also try to find an Indica that doesn't cause unpleasant side effects.
It has taken my pain from a 9 to a 2 or 3 & even sometimes to a 1.
I am not a stoner. I never thought I would take marijuana until I developed such an horrendous pain disorder. I finally walked without crutches for the first time in a year. I can walk again, drive again, do chores. Marijuana saved my life. That is not an exaggeration.
It is worth trying the CBD. Just keep taking it. It has to build up in her system. So don't lose hope if you don't get immediate results.
Best of luck. Keep us informed.

I have tried a couple of the CBD oils and I live in a legal state. Plus, I qualify for a doctor's
prescription. The one that agrees with me, is the one I've used at night for sleep. Evidently
it's lower in THC than the two others I've tried. I don't have severe pain but I take it for other
symptoms. The two others I tried got me so very disoriented and 'swirly' I had to lay down and
sleep it off. It was no fun. I only had two drops. So, for sure, if you use the oil start out slowly
with one drop and go from there. Earth Alchemy on FB is a reliable place to go. If you go to a
good local dispensary, they can counsel you on what to try.
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