Blindness & Visual Impairment Support Group

Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or psychological factors. This is the group to discuss living with blindness, sharing experiences, and for those that may be facing the prospect of a life without sight. Find support and answers among people who know what you're going through.

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  • independance


    My doctor just advised me to start using a cane for better mobility. Still trying to wrap me head around this news.  It's difficult to talk to anyone,  since they think I'm overreacting. 
  • independance


    Hello,  I'm new to this site. Anyone or there with RP? Retinitis pigmentosa? 
  • deleted_user

    Itchy, burning, with new glasses

    I just picked up my new prescription glasses today, this will be my third pair. They changed the subscription a lot. When I first put them on I felt dizzy and I couldn't comprehend depth. I went back and they said give them a week and if it gets worse or if there is no change in a week to call and make an appointment to get seen again. As the day went through they got better but I started...
  • livingly

    I'm worried I could be going blind

    im worried I could be going blind. I'm worried about this because my vision has been continuing to decrease. I'm worried that if it keeps decreasing I'll go blind
  • NeedUrHelp

    Braille cards

    Hi, I am not visually impaired but my boyfriend is blind. I wanted to get him a gift but I'm not really sure what. I mean I can think of some stuff but nothing that can make it personal like a card would do. Are there any cards in braille that I can get or like stick on letters or just something I can use to make him a card? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  • swimmergirl247

    veteran blindee

    Hi I've been severaly legally blind since birth. I don't use my left eye at all and my right eye has vision on the top left corner that cuts out at about 4 of 5 inchs for some detail and 1 foot for lossof all color and light. I use assistive tech, read braille (as well as print) and an expert at orientation and moblity, can use a white can and have worked with a guide/service dog for 8 years and...
  • Disenchanted

    Double vision

    Would like discussion about pulsitile tinnitus accompanied with vision changes...While watching TV my eyes separate to double images...looking slightly  to theright  or left my vision is distorted....Any comments?
  • sharaninmd

    Looking for support and suggestions

    I am currently blind in my right eye and have low vision in my left eye. I have extremely scarred corneas, therefore, I am at risk for losing more or all of my vision in my left eye. Much anxiety constantly worrying about my left eye as I would be totally blind if the eye worsens. This causes a of depression and anxiety. Trying to think more positive and be thankful for what vision I have,...
  • HI,Not sure where to start, but all my life I had trouble seeing, but it wasn't until 2 yrs ago after major surgery i noticed my vision going badly. I also had alot of trouble in bright light, and reading was hard. I went to my Opthamalogist and he was like , hmm I never noticed but you have a bunch of these things called "drusen" and you need to see a specialist. Well, I now see 3 specalists,...
  • skylar

    missed epidural ended up with dural tap then blood

    I had a missed epidural on the 15th November 2016 to have my daughter and since then I have had numbness on my right hand side of my body which is now subsided. I also have lost some hearing and now have severe photophobiaand losing vision
  • WildFlowers

    Advise needed

    Does anyone have advise how I can get my spouse to want to become more independent instead of relaying on me so much?
  • Kathy1234


    I sure would enjoy hearing from one of youse. Ive wanted to talk to someone. Eye problems really suck. Its so hard to get used of the idea.
  • Georjay

    Asking advise for being more confident and happy.

    Hi I'm new to this website.  My right eye is blind and my left eye vision is low due to retinal degeneration. I've been like this since birth though I'm very depressed about it especially when outside my house.  It's really hard to recognize faces and I can't approach someone unless they talk to me because I'm afraid that I might be approaching a wrong person. Right now I'm jobless and applying...
  • Kathy1234


    i am new here. I have a condition where my retina sends a picture to my brain and my brain doesnt accept it. Therefore i see less all the time. Is their anyone else who has this problem or one like it? I am learning the ways to get around to do things and im trying to accept it but im having a few troubles and i need help to accept it.
  • hmmmingbird

    New and need some resources

    My significant other recently had a flu shot, two days later he was in the hospital with optic neuritis, which is a rare side effect of the flu vaccine. Solumedrol gave him no relief. They tried again and he is tapering off prednisone now, but will probably not regain sight in that eye. Since the left optic nerve is connected to the right one, he has extreme light sensitivity and is wearing...