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Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Whether you lost someone recently or it's been years, grief and its accompanying emotions can be complicated to cope with. Join our online support group to connect with a supportive group of people who really know how you feel. Help is right here.

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  • Allyj1124

    My Fiancee

    Two weeks ago my fiancee shot himself in front of me and died 24 hours later. I havent had to deal with something like this ever and I just need help coping with every emotion that Im feeling. I dont know how to deal with his loss and my eating and sleeping have become non existent. I need help
  • NikkiMc94

    My beloved Nana & grandad

    A few years ago I lost my grandad to cancer, devastated I was and now on the 3rd February this year, I was heartbroken to learn that my dear Nana has sadly lost her battle with cancer too. I'm trying to hold myself together for the sake of my family, but I can't do this anymore. I feel like I have no one and her funeral is next week. I'm struggling, but I keep a smile on my face for my family.
  • Nienna92

    My Grandmother Died Tonight

    I just found out tonight that my grandmother died. She lived 4 hours away from me, so I couldn't be with her. She was my father's mother. Ironically, the anniversary of my father's death was on the 13th of February. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now. 
  • Kim1734

    How to find happiness again

    It's been almost 7 months since my father passed. I still cry a couple times every day and miss him so much. It's still hard to believe that it's real. I know everyone's experiences are different and people grieve differently, but how have others known thay they started to "accept" it and started living their life somewhat the way it was before, of course being a new normal. I find myself feeling...
  • Brianna72

    I miss my mom

    I miss my mom so much every single day.  I love her so much. I need her so much right now because I'm in the hospital. I'm broke my wrist and December right before she died and then was supposed to have surgery in January but I had a skin infection and the surgery was postponed for three weeks.  I finally had the surgery on February 2nd but then two weeks later I developed an infection in my...
  • pattip123

    Loss of my best friend

    I am new to the site , My husband passed away November 28, 2016, it was very unexpected and my world fell apart, I feel completely lost without him. We were together for 36 years since we were 16. I don't know how to go on without him, we were at such a good place in our lives. He loved life and his grandchildren, he was such a good man and my best friend. I just don't know what to do or how to...
  • bluebell

    How did you cope?

    With the physical sensations of grief, and the feeling that a part of you has also died?
  • WRJD


    I lost my wife almost three years ago. She died suddenly and it was a real shock to me and our son who was 11 at the time.  I have since come to realize that I am not built to go through this life without a partner. I began trying online dating and a few months ago I met a wonderful woman. She has been reat for me. She helped me pack up a bunch of my wife's clothes and we donated them to a...
  • Larance

    I lost my granddaughter 1-22-17

    I lost my only granddaughter in January the day she turned a month old. I feel terrible and hurt and empty inside. I feel so many things and none of them are good things. I just don't know how to cope:(
  • deleted_user

    Why is it hard for me to grieve

    Hello all, My brother lost his battle with cancer on the 13th of March this year. He was having to go out of town for treatments,,and I would go almost everytime,,so I could be with him. We would stay at a hotel for about 3 too 4 nights at a time. He had got better,,he and I even got to go fishing once more. God I miss him so.......After finding out that he had cancer,,he wanted me to look up...
  • QueenZ

    Feeling Numb,,,

    My mommy's birthday is quickly approaching, it's only 3 days away now. My feeling of numbness is increasing. I'm tired...physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I just want to be left alone but then again I want someone to just listen and let me cry. I get tired of holding everything in and pretending like i'm okay. I get tired of forcing a smile. I'm tired of being around people. All I want...
  • megsaid

    Lost my Mom and best friend

    I'm a mess again. Missing mom so much I can't function properly. Everyone says they understand but they don't. I feel lost in this big world without her. My daughter missed out on knowing how much fun her Nana was. I don't get how people can move on from a loss like this. I know she doesn't want me to be so sad. I know she wants me to live my life. I just don't know how without her. I miss her...
  • QueenZ


    Hello everyone, i'm glad that I found this group. I know that it will be helpful with me expressing my feelings. I lost my mom in 2011 to cancer. At the time when she passed I was in 10th grade, I took care of her from the beginning to her last days. She was my number one supporter, my backbone, my strength, my EVERYTHING...when she passed she took a part of me with her. There is a hole/void...
  • HelpHealMom


    I was in my closet tonight and found a box on my shelf, didn't remember what was in it so I took it down and looked. It was filled with notes from my granddaughter Heather. See she was legally blind but she could put her paper to her face and write. She wrote notes all the time, I could be sitting right next to her and she would write me a note just so I would write one back. I cherish everyone...
  • Apple89

    Mom died unexpectedly 12/16/16

    I'm 27 and my mom was 66 (I was born a generation after my brother) I had just seen the new star wars movie with my dad and brother that day, and came home before heading to work. She asked how I liked the movie and such, good mom stuff. Then I went to work, and not even 30 minutes into my shift (busy retail)  apparently I received several missed calls saying that there were first responders...