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Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Whether you lost someone recently or it's been years, grief and its accompanying emotions can be complicated to cope with. Join our online support group to connect with a supportive group of people who really know how you feel. Help is right here.

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  • Lonely

    No I am not ok

    I found out yesterday that my older sister committed suicide then last night just a few hours before going into work I get a call that my best friend of many years was found dead in her back yard. I am lost, lonely, confused. Since April of 2015 I have lost so manybed one's. But to lose two in one day is really hard. How do you go on? How do you continue? I have also lost my fiancee a month ago.
  • LoveHeals517

    Lost my boyfriend

    About two weeks ago I lost my boyfriend to an overdose. I'm not one who does any drugs, I barely even drink. A while ago, he and I broke up because of his drug dependency. I never stopped loving him, he never stopped loving me. We had a truly special bond that I can't even describe, we really knew we would get married someday.  We met for dinner, he told me he was 4 months clean and I had never...
  • I'm just putting up a link for the Widows and Widowers Board ... This is a wonderful and supportive board for anyone who has lost a life partner.... Big hugs....xo
  • GeorgeTheGreek

    How to find the motivation ?

    "Lost my partner from aggressive cancer at the same age as me, 36yo, 2&half months ago, it was so sudden and traumatic to say the least. I go to work that really helps me I think, but when I get back home I don't have the energy for anything. I tried to go again to the gym but I feel I'll collapse. I've lost around 10kilos in these months due to no appetite somedays all I eat is a french toast...
  • Jessie818

    Hoping this group helps

    I lost my husband 6 months ago and to say that it's been hard is an understatement. I'm not sure what else I can say right now, I joined this group in the hopes that I can meet people going through the same. And maybe gain some strength and offer some as well 
  • Daydree196161

    Not Alone

    Until I started coming to this forum I thought that having lost so many people in just over a year was uncommon. Now I see so many others dealing with multiple loss of friends and family. It helps to know that there are others who understand how lost and miserable I often feel. It has been a little over 5 months since my mother passed away and I am still having trouble dealing with it.I do not...
  • addison


    I lost my husband almost five months ago. I am so lost and so lonely I don't know what to do. Its like my life has ended. I have been to Therapy and Grief Therapy and nothing helps. I don't want to go to the places we both went,it breaks my heart. I think my daughter is getting sick of my crying. I just tell my friends I am ok. They don't understand. I married him when I was 17 and we were...
  • Emilyann224

    October 19th

    Today was my mom's birthday. It still hurts so much. It's becoming harder to be happy instead of getting easier. Everytime something hapoy or good happens I just feel sad that shes not there for me to tell about it. I don't want to be happy I just want my mom back. 
  • I lost my partner and BF , we were together for just 1 year he loved me so much and he died from aggressive cancer 2 months ago spending just 3 weeks in hospital. Needless to say that i was every day with him, his family hadn't told him or me that he was dying so you can imagine what a traumatic experience was for me. He was only 36 yo, same age as me.Dealing with this tragedy in itself is quite...
  • brooksharoldw

    Losing Family

    I have lost five family members this year. It seems like one death happens right after the other.In August, I lost my great grandfather. We were really close and it has hit me so hard. I miss him so much. I am having a hard time dealing with this.We knew it was coming, and I got to see him not long before he passed away. But even though it was expected, it doesn't help me feel any better.Is...
  • bball10

    Trying something new

    So online support is a completely new thing for me and I'm not sure how I feel about it but I thought I would try it. My dad died in a motocrycle accident 4 years ago. I've learned to deal with it but there are days when all I want to do is lay down and cry becuase I miss him so much. Something will stress me out and then all I can do is think that if he were here he would know what to do or say...
  • Daydree61

    It has been a long year . . .

    I am not dealing well with all the loss in the past 13 months . . . I lost my sis-in-law in a tragic accident (home) last Sept. . . . then came the HUGE loss of my mother in April . . . then to top it off I lost a close cousin this Sept. to sudden and aggressive cancer. The hardest loss is my mother. She and I had lived together for 25 years. In 2001 I had a job offer a few states away and...
  • My father in law passed away suddenly on April 8th of this year. Then my dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack on September 17. Before this the last time I had faced a major death was 20 years ago when I was 9. Over the last few years I have lost a few dear friends.  It is different trying to deal with the death of a family member. I am having a hard time dealing with this. I had to deal...
  • Janine78


    21 ... she'd be 21 soon, my Angel, my baby, my daughter.she was born prematurely... so tiny, so frail. But so loved & so wanted by whole childhood I fantasised about having a wasn't meant to bemy dreams are not meant to bei'm not supposed to be happy or have an ever afteri wonder so much about my beautiful girl, who she'd  be, what she'd think of meshe died in my arms on the...
  • Board. This board isn't the way it used to be. I'm struggling with the loss of my support forums. I've noticed the difference. I miss dad daily. :(