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Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Whether you lost someone recently or it's been years, grief and its accompanying emotions can be complicated to cope with. Join our online support group to connect with a supportive group of people who really know how you feel. Help is right here.

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  • Absorb


    I've posted the reason I'm so down right now in my journal. It's a lot. I'm so sorry. And I don't know what for. I miss him. I guess I'm just broken right now.
  • drcjmc

    Heartbroken and lonely

    I have lost my Mom 3 months ago unexpectedly and very quickly.  I am so numb and sad.  I miss her more than I can ever describe. I am struggling with thoughts of my Mom all the time.  Everyday is difficult to face.  I feel this tremendous grief and extreme loneliness.  She was my best friend too.  
  • adr2017

    Finding Help

    How do I find help on here? It looks like a lot of people who are hurting but no one reaching out to help. I have no family and only one friend who cannot be here for me very often (out of state). I came here because I thought there was help here but I don't know how to find help. I need some help. 
  • Catalina

    Broken girl

    I was worng all along I thought I was happy I was so worn now I give up completely it has to stop and it will so as I get paid Friday it will all in for good this maybe the last time I ever post there's maybe my lest words I ever it's good to stop for ever I do believe in god family and I have no friends no more broken heart no more pain has to stop and am going to  make it stop doctors family...
  • Calvin.Hobbes

    Lost the one woman who truly loved me

    Recently lost my mom, March 28. Complications of stroke. It was all too sudden, after a month, she was gone. I lost my bestfriend. And now I sit alone at night, going through everything that happened that day she had an attack. Everyone is telling me to be strong, that my mom wanted me to keep moving forward. But how does one get over the thought of knowing that every single morning when you...
  • Nikki92

    My Mother

    My biological mother died five years ago from a heart attack.  As I grew up I now realize she wasn't a great mother.  She drank too much and was into drugs.  She let my father emotionally and physically abuse my brother and I.  She stood by and just let this happen.  So today, five years later I miss her so much.  The last time I talked with her she asked me for money.  I didn't give her...
  • Catalina

    broken girl

    wall my family say they heat me my said she wish I was never born and that I should just kill my self because she don't love me she said no one dose and never will it getting worse and worse every and can't eat sleep I gave up on trying and everything that comes with life even faith she said no one will miss me and shes right one will miss me all i want right now is it all to end can't go on no...
  • Catalina


    no man wants a broken girl no man at  all
  • Catalina

    bed dreams

    I don't sleep can't sleep still sitting here alone life really sucks I heat it and this will be a nother long night on top of that am over the Edge push to my Breaking Point I wont it all to bed just to give it all up and sometimes its a lil voice that I hear say do end it all no one cares if you live or died so do it
  • Catalina

    Dying inside more and more each day

    I am just sitting here can't eat or sleep having very bad feeling of not having family that love been remind of it every day that your a mistake that your one thing that everyone in the family wish was not here growing up is hell have PTSD abusive family and every man your mom has been in and out of your life feeling like you never belong sense of being not having any and feeling hopeless...
  • I don't know how much more I can take be for I break completely and i already lost hope faith in my self god and some people and I just want it all to end because my mom and dad remind me every day they wish I was never born so y am I hear I did ask to be born I can't eat can't sleep  think or do anything right from what they say am a fuck up  a. Burton on them and I already what to die do y do...
  • FallenAngel4

    Dreading tomorrow

    so tomorrow marks excatly one month since my friend died. I'm dreading it because I have to work- and I'm not sure what emotional place I'll be in. I also have to attend a graduation tomorrow night. I miss him, I miss knowing he was around if I needed something. I miss being able to randomly talk about nerdy things or artsy things or get his opinion on something.My heart is still breaking for...
  • Brianna72

    I feel so alone!!!!!

    I feel so alone right now and i have no one i can talk too. I lost my mom in December and when I lost her then I lost everything. She was the most important person in my life. She knew how to make me laugh and she didn't like when I cried. Now she's gone I'm crying a dozen or more times  a day. I don't feel comfortable talking to just anyone they don't understand what I'm going through. I feel...
  • tribal27d

    Losing them both

    I lost my Dad in 12/2015 and my mom is 9/2016 and they had been in nursing homes my dad for 2 years my mom for 9 years. I thought over time I would feel better and I do most of the time but I feel alone sometimes and feel like I have no one to talk to and I'm not sure if I just distance myself from people I have lost a lot of friends over this thankfully I have my beautiful daughter but it's...
  • MelanieKay

    Suicide Survivor

    Hey all, I'm new to this whole online support group thing. I've been putting off telling my story for a little over a year now. I just haven't been ready, i guess i am now. In April of 2016, my boyfriend and I of 5 years split up, and I moved out of our house. Things had been progrossively going down hill quickly for the 6 months prior to our spilt. He had always had a tendancy of getting...