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Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Whether you lost someone recently or it's been years, grief and its accompanying emotions can be complicated to cope with. Join our online support group to connect with a supportive group of people who really know how you feel. Help is right here.

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  • Lazaii

    Both my grandfathers passed in three months time

    Its really early in the grieving process but i just really need to get this off my chest.Both my grandfathers passed in a three month time period. The first one was my dad's father.. he and i have avoided eachother ever since i hit puberty because he is my dad times 10 in strictness. He was far from proud of me for stopping education after i got a basic diploma. I worked in a supermarket and i...
  • FallenAngel4

    2017 is the year that just keeps taking....

    April 26 2017: I lost an amazing friend, who I've posted about many times since then. July 5 2017: My work crew lost one of our former members to gun violence. Velicorapter (my nickname for her) was only 19 years old.I'm sick and tired of 2017 taking amazing people away way way way too soon. 
  • Madeline062

    So sad

    My dad died 9 months ago and I constantly am sad which I know is normal. What i am struggling with now is that my mom cannot remember that he died and I don't know how to get her to understand even if she sees his grave or anything else that we try to prove to her she gets angry. She is not that old but it seems like she is getting an onset of dementia from my father's death. How can I help her...
  • kurt

    I lost my everything....

    About a month and a half ago my whole world got flipped upside down. I lost my boyfriend in a car accident where I was the driver. He came in to town to go with me to a wedding the next day. That night we went to visit his best friend who had flew into a city closeby for the weekend. We both talked about how long of a week we had and how tired we were however my boyfriend really wanted to see his...
  • ellweebee

    Mourning my Dad & family complications - very long

    I've never been part of a support group, but this site was recently recently suggested to me.  I'm not really sure how this works.  I'm really sorry this is so very long, but I would really appreciate if someone read and could give me feedback, I suppose.  I feel so alone and I'm so scared and depressed.  I'm 25 years old and turn 26 next month.I lost my father on March 25, 2016 after a very...
  • GabbyH

    She was my mom and dad

    I lost my mom when I was only 14. She passed away 9/18/2014. A week before my birthday. My mom was sick since I was in third grade. She was able to manage so much from always going to my brothers courts, bailing time out of jail in the middle of the night. Im the youngest out of 3 brothers. They were in and out of juvie and jail. It always me and her. My mom was both roles to me. So how can i...
  • Catalina

    Broken girl

    I heat my life and my heart has been broken for the last time I give up on everything I can't do this anymore am sorry because everyone here says it will get better but it's really not at all am everyone I give up 
  • Nat12

    Also missing my son

    My son passed away on 24/05/17 he was only 19. His death was caused by being a passenger in a car accident. I dont know how to cope without him. I am trying to be strong, however as soon as everyone has gone home and my other children have gone to bed, I crumble. Will these feelings ever change? I could really use some advice off someone that has lost a child please. 
  • smilelovelylike

    Father tells me to "move on" from my mothers death

    My mother died suddenly on April 19, 2017, after several years of battling severe bipolar disorder. I am 23 yrs old and was very close to her. I have known since I was a child that my mother had mental health struggles, but I did not know the extent of it (that she had come close to ending her life several times before) until after she died, as my older sister and father wanted to protect me from...
  • BereavedPhen0m

    I fear I'm destined to die alone.

    I decided to join this website after a recommendation from a text-based crisis hotline I used the other night when I was in need of speaking to someone.I've been a rabbit owner for two years and I love the little guy to no end. As such, I'm part of quite a few rabbit related groups on facebook and forums all around the web. The other night I came across an image that triggered something deep in...
  • Camogirl

    Urge to Run

    I've experienced so much loss and hurt in such a short period of time at a young age and because of all this i dont let people in easily. Gaining my trust and opening myself up to someone is very hard for me to do, I've been hurt and used by family, friends and complete strangers to get what they wanted. Just about everyone i know has let me down in some way. Each one breaking off a piece of me...
  • pauli226

    Can't believe she's gone

    I will start by saying that I am 26 years old and I lost my mom on 03/20/2017 she was 49. She was diagnosed on 08/04/16 with stage 4 lung cancer than spread to her brain, back and later her liver & wrist. She had such a determination to live, that she saw no other option but to jump right into treatment. She wanted nothing more than to attend my wedding this upcoming October and play with the...
  • Lost_Soul84

    I don't know how to move on after my loss.......

    My boyfriend of almost eleven years and the father of my two sons has been gone now for three weeks. We have never been a part for a real long time and even when we was we would talk on the phone multiple times a day. I believe his cause of death was from an overdose on drugs. I'm not for sure what exactly the drug was. I had been asking him to go to rehab but to no avail he wouldn't go. He felt...
  • bugabugsmom

    Does it ever stop hurting?

    my mom passed away in January of 2017. My dad and my two sisters and I were there holding her hand and talking thru the tears as she took her last breath. The pain is unbearable, my dad and mom had known each other since they were 12 and 14 and married at 15 and 17. They knew the minute they saw each other that there was no one else. To watch my dad hurt is undescribleable. I have had people tell...
  • poema129

    not sure where to start

    last Friday, June 23rd marked one year since I lost my husband.   it was in some ways a great year.  in a lot of ways I've never been happier.  and see....a lot of you are gasping and deciding that I am the most awful person you've ever "met"   but wait... we did hit 31 years of marriage the previous April but we weren't close.  he had issues about being close to people...even to me.  why...