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Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Whether you lost someone recently or it's been years, grief and its accompanying emotions can be complicated to cope with. Join our online support group to connect with a supportive group of people who really know how you feel. Help is right here.

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  • CherylMc

    New to Grief

    My dad was taken to the hospital on Nov. 14. A CT scan on Nov. 15 revealed lesions on his liver. He had had a successful surgery removing a cancerous tumor from his pancreas back in June. Doctors figured the lesions were cancerous and was Stage 4. It was determined his body was too weak for chemo or radiation, so my dad said he didn't want to do anything more. He was transferred to a nursing...
  • Dalis66

    Feeling numb

    December 4, 2016 I am in shock and disbelief over my father's death. It's hard to describe how I feel, because my feelings are changing throughout the day. The persistent emotional background is an uncomfortable, slightly painful feeling of numbness. There are times when I miss his physical presence and I look for signs of him in the house. I go to his room, because it still smells like him. It...
  • Hestiah

    It's been almost 2 months...

    On October 3rd, I chatted with Mark about cat litter and dry cat food since he wanted to transition his cat from wet to dry food. When I woke up on October 4th, my friend was no longer with us. I found out about his passing from twitter, inadvertently, but in the end I was glad to learn about what happened. I was filled with shock, and still am, even today. I thought it was cruel joke being...
  • KopyKat


    Hello I am new here. I was referred to this place by my doctor. I lost my son about 3 weeks ago. He was 3 months old. I had him prematurely at 23 weeks back in July. He was a suvivor and was so strong fighting everyday in NICU to get better but yet he took a turn for the worst and...he passed on. He was my second child to have passed on. Last year in September, I miscarried at 18 weeks. It's...
  • Community LeaderThePepperMan

    Please don't ever say, ...

    Please don't ever say that you will never get over your loss, that you will never be happy again, that joy will never visit your soul again.  These are self defeating words, they are a huge invitation for depression to move into your very being, and never move out.While I agree that we can never replace the one we lost, love can fill any void in our lives if we just let it.  I will never have...
  • MrsBrielle

    Too young to be a widow

    29 and widowed. Sigh.... sympathy is ok but coming from people who have no idea what your going thru feels empty. I seen the horrible events of his death.... and I try hard to keep myself busy enough to not think of it.... it hurt on so many different levels. I guess im just trying to talk to someone who is going thru the same shit. 
  • Hello,I am new to this group, sadly my 18 year old son was killed in a tragic car accident on October 18th.  I feel so broken without my sweet boy. He was not only my son but a dear friend, we shared everything.  Nothing could have prepared me for this chapter of my life.  I thought I had been through the worst, and actually was feeling like I was a making a fresh start in my life...then my...
  • alex1989

    Hard loss

    hello, l came to this group because I can't find someone to talk to. Five years ago my best friend, my sister, was shot to death behind me and I couldn't save her. We live in a super safe neighborhood and this is not normal. Passion crime. The guilt I carry every day for not saving her, for not telling her everything was going to be alright is unbearable. Why couldn't I help her leave the guy...
  • Meraz


    So far today wasn't so bad, some days are better then others I suppose. To be honest, I feel like I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop you know; which is bad I shouldn't do that. We should try our hardest to stay postive but of course it's easier said then done. I hope you guys are doing okay today or just in general. I would love to hear from you guys and see how you're doing, I'll for...
  • I'm just putting up a link for the Widows and Widowers Board ... This is a wonderful and supportive board for anyone who has lost a life partner.... Big hugs....xo
  • bren

    Guilty feelings

    I lost my mother a few months ago, and my father 20 years ago.  Both my father-in-law and mother-in-law are gone as well, so this is the first holiday season where my spouse and I are ¨orphaned¨ but of course we both feel things differently.  Some days my grief sneaks up on me and knocks me for a loop.  A song, a picture, ..small things, will suddenly draw me back mentally to the days when...
  • lostsoul72

    Utterly alone

    It is so sad at the holidays for me and my depression seems to ramp way up. I cant believe it has been 4 years Christmas day since my brother died and 3 years since my grandfather and both parents died. The holidays really suck with NO family. Its just me and my boys and they are with their mother for thanks giving so its pretty much just me. I get so damn lonely and the feelings of not having...
  • Cody163

    My Story and Problem

    Hey guys. Sorry its alot.  I'm 17, and my life is feeling really weird. I was only a child, and my parents are divorced. They split it so I was with each of them for one week. Then swap. I lived half my life with a alcoholic mom, and my stepdad would was working very late hours. She was usually sleeping/passed out, and my step dad was working. But I was too young to understand. It wasn't until...
  • Hector4755


    3 new to these but I gone try it. I lost my wife one week from today and I  been married only 7 months . I  been crying alot these last few days cuz she love the holidays and the one who organized it it would be are first Christmas as a married couple this year.  I crying so much cuz I miss her and I'm so lonely I can't be at home alone so try to visit someone every day till it...
  • Hopeful282017

    It's become a yearly event

    Hello all, About three years ago I lost my best friend. Noveber 12, 2013 is when she passed. It seems that every year after her passing I get very sad and can't control my emotions. It feels like depression but I know I miss my friend so much. What sucks is that we didn't even get to say goodbye. She was one of the people who understood me when I was going through my regular depression.  She...