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The smell of Bedwetting and Incontinence

Little or nothing is ever mentioned about the inevitable smellascociated with regular bedwetting and incontinence. I just wondered how you guys deal with it. I know our bed room does have a slight urine smell to it though my wife says it doesn't but I'm pretty sure she doesn't want me to get upset about it. I think if you wet every night as I do it is inevitable that there will be some odor but keeping it to a minimum can be difficult.



In my case it smells more like having babies at home. It smells nice because of the baby cream and wipes and the smell of recently washed diapers. That all together overturns the smell of messy diapers.
You can also use plastic pants which help to minimise the smell of pee and poo.

I know this sounds strange but the doctors always told me to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated and then the smell and odor isn't as bad. Having the smell is part of being dehydrated. But then when you are a bedwetter and drink water before going to bed it helps the smell, but not the other problem. I use to try to not drink at all and I thought it would stop my bedwetting. It didn't it just made the smell worse and I still woke up wet.

You make a very good point about needing to stay hydrated.

I have actually heard that not drinking enough during the day can actually increase the liklihood of night wetting.

We have had problems with bedrooms having a bit of a pee odour. But that has mainly been due to leaking pull-ups getting wee onto bedclothes and pyjamas. We use plastic sheets on top of the mattress which helps makes sure the oduor doesn't penetrate down into the mattress.

That can be a very real but hardly ever discussed problem. I'm my experience the odor can from a buildup of old urine which dies begin to smell awful after some time, especially in the summer.

My advice is to use a mattress protector and to wash it frequently. Make sure use use a Full Matress Protector that fully enclosed the entire matress.

Wash all bedding too as any leaked urine can oak in there but be dry by the morning. I wash my kids bedding at least once a week, sometimes twice a week in the summer.

If you keep the dirty or used diapers/pull ups in the bedroom, remove them daily. Even with a modern Diaper Genie, nasty odors can come from that. In our family, all used diapers and pull ups are bagged in a small plastic bag, sealed and disposed of in the trash can in the garage.

Spray the air in the room with some Febreeze every couple of days.

Summer heat causes these problems a lot more often, I clean more frequently in the summer. Open bedroom Windows when possible during the day.

Good luck and hope this helps a little,

Due to a recent illness I have become somewhat incontinent during the day and a full on bedwetter at night. I have to drink water all the time because of some of my meds. But it still smells. I'm glad you asked this question.
I sprayed my mattress with BacOut yesterday morning and it seemed to help. Mattress protectors are hot.
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