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Result of Illness??

Hi, My name is Judi and I'm 48. in October I came down with a high fever that lasted a full month. I was in the hospital and even seen at Mayo Clinic in Rodchester MN. They never figured out what caused the fever but it finally went away. But not before putting my body through hell. It affected my short term memory, small and large motor skills, balance and coordination and a huge loss of muscle mass. I lost 38 lbs total and 20 of that was in less than a three week period.

I'm slowly coming back. My weight loss has stabilized. I rarely lose my balance. I'm able to write pretty well, again. I only need to rest periodically throughout the day. And while I haven't tried running, I've gotten much better at walking without tripping over my own two feet.

What hasn't improved is bedwetting. I have never been a bedwetter even as a kid. I've had some stress incontinence but that's pretty normal for a woman who has had three children. During the fever, I wasn't sleeping deep enough for it to be an issue but as soon as the fever resolved and I was able to sleep again, I started wetting the bed. It's the kind where you dream you are going to the bathroom and you wake up completely soaked. There was even one morning when I slept the whole night and woke up to being wet and cold in the morning. At first I just kind of went with it thinking my body had gone through hell and it would heal with time but if anything it's getting worse.

I have tried cutting back on drinking especially at night but I'm not supposed to be doing that because of the muscle damage I suffered. I'm supposed to stay well hydrated at all times and it shows in my blood chemistries when I'm not drinking enough. We do blood chemistries every two weeks to check and make sure my internal organs (liver and kidneys) and muscles (including heart) are getting the proper nutrition and healing.

I've also tried to set an alarm to wake up to pee in the night (about 3 am) and I still find it happens about once a week, usually very early morning (around 5am).

I'm single but my son moved in with me to take care of me. I've managed to hide this from him. But I have other family members that would like me to visit them and I'm afraid to go because I don't want to wet the bed there.

The last bit won't make sense to a lot of you and I can't really explain it myself, but I haven't been able to tell my doctor about this. I'm just too embarrassed.

I finally ordered some diapers off the internet and praying they get delivered while my son is at work. 

I'm lost, scared and stressed out. Any support or advise would be welcome.



Wow I hope all turns out well for you. Your still young and I hope all works out well for you.

I wouldn't be embarassed about the diapers. I started having major incontinence issues just over a year ago. After the third night in a row wetting my bed, decided to buy adult diapers. It wasn't too long after this I began having uncontrolable bladder spasms during the day, usually in a car when I couldn't react quick enough to a sudden urge. Turns out I have enlarged prostate (rare at 42) and was diagnosed with urge incontinence with sleep incontinence. At first I felt embaracement when I went through the checkout isle, but eventually I realized that no one really cared. If your still concerned about your son, I would suggest opening up a P.O. Box. I think, though, if he is loving enough to come care for you, then I'm sure he'll understand. I take a few possitives from this. One is that I actually sleep now, where before I was up 3 to 4 times a night. I'll take diapers over sleep deprivation and dehydration any time. Secondly, I embraced it as something special and unique to me which is actually quite comforting and a little bit empowering. Third, now that I wear real protection all the time, I no longer have to worry about those sudden leaks in public. Don't be scared, its might seem troubling at first, but consider that a large percentage of the population has incontinence in one form or another. Its really not anything to be ashamed about. Chin up, you'll be okay.

Hi Judi,
Wow, your story is almost identical to my own.
It was in the summer of 2012 when I became quite ill. I began to have frequent day and night accidents. After seeing the doctor and being prescribed antibiotics, i quickly descended into full on bladder and bowel incontinence. This lasted for around 6-8 weeks.
Ever since then, i regularly wet the bed (never having had a previous history of wetting), and ocassionally go through "rainy spells" during the day too. This is usually if im ill with a cold/flu or something similar.

I began wearing nappies/diapers when in 2012 when this all started, so i was 26 at the time. I'm diapered most nights now, and during the day if i'm unwell.
My wife has been really supportive of the whole thing, and I'm sure your son would be too.
Just remember, the diapers aren't a badge of shame, they help preserve your dignity. I'd rather wear a wet hidden diaper than obviously wet pants.

Keep strong.

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