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My Life Story As A Wetter

I was a late potty trainer. I vividly remember being in diapers as a kid up until it was time for school. Never had an incident until the first grade. And it was twice in week. I went to the doctors and turned out that I had a urinary tract infection. Not common for boys my age, but still. So it was back to diapers until it cleared up. The kids didn’t tease me since they heard it was due to an illness. But they didn’t know what I was wearing either.


Then nothing for years until I hit puberty. I live in the northeast USA and it was winter. We were playing outside in the snow and sledding. I was wearing ski pants and had no idea I had to really go. Then all of sudden that familiar wet feeling was back and I knew. The ski pants hid it well from my friends, but when I went in to change, I had to explain to my mom. She was understanding and took me back to the doctors just in case. Apparently, my body change mixed with the cold air and excitement of playing is what caused it. That was a relief. But my mom made me wear Goodnites next time I went out to play.


That went on throughout my teens and no one ever knew except my family.  I often had accidents on long car rides and anywhere I was caught short without a bathroom. It just wasn’t frequent enough to warrant any major medical help. My bladder was just a bit weak and I had a hard time holding it for too long every now and then. As I was finishing high school it actually got better and the accidents were few and far between. Whew.


But then came college. It was freshman year and I was an engineering major. As the first semester was finishing up, I woke up one morning to that all too familiar feeling. Yup, my sheets clothes and bed was wet. I was mortified. Was it a prank? My roommate was actually at home. So luckily I was able to clean up without him noticing. I was careful in the laundry room not reveal my soiled things. I used Febreeze for the mattress and aired it out. It wasn’t until late the second semester when it happened again. This time I couldn’t hide it from my roommate, but luckily had an excuse. We went to a party the night before and I blamed it on the alcohol. Even though I didn’t drink any, but he didn’t know that. So I went to the doctors, again, and turns out that the stress of finals mixed with being overtired from studying late is what was causing it. So during those busy times of the year, I decided to wear Goodnites again and was very glad I did. I had a few more accidents each semester, but no one ever knew since I was good at hiding the Goodnites. Then I moved out of the dorms and into my own apartment, which made it even easier. Dating back then wasn’t too bad, since I didn’t get really serious until the end of college. I just avoided sleeping with a partner around finals week. Which is understandable since finals were the focus.


The serious dating is where things got a little interesting. I only had two serious girlfriends that I confessed too and the second became my wife. The first was grossed out by it and even teased me a bit. I guess that’s how I knew she wasn’t the one. Then the one that became my wife was very understanding. She even bought me adult diapers once for my birthday. Partly a joke, but also because she thought it’d be a good idea to wear them sometimes and spare the bed and her. I’m now in my early 30’s and still have accidents at night during times of extreme stress and exhaustion from work. Luckily, I have a loving and caring wife that is supportive. I’m human after all and it’s just a little pee. We all go. Just happens that I go sometimes involuntarily and at night. I don’t let it get in the way of life and just embrace it. It’s who I am.