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Hello again

So i started wetting the bed 4-5 months ago. For the first 2 month i was having extremely horrible nightmares. In which time my doctor sent me to a psychologist. That said the bedwetting and nightmares probably come from aniexty or stress. Well just last month i was sent to a sleep doctor and they came back and told me i had narcolepsy. Two questions? Is the bedwetting link to the aniexty or narcolepsy? And if it narcolepsy can it be stoped?



I would believe that the bedwetting is caused by the anxiety and stress. Narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder that doesn't allow the body to sleep at regular intervals. So you tend to sleep and feel sleepy at odd times and not feel fully rested. That could be the cuase of your anxiety and stress as well. So treat the narcolepsy, if it can be, and see what happens. Best of luck to you Rosa!
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