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A place for adults who still have problems wetting the bed to talk about their feelings, to discover solutions, and to talk about life in general.

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Hi im rose, i am 18 and experience night time wetting. It started about 2 months ago with severe nightmares that happen every night. But now it seems i am wetting even without the nightmares. I was constantly changing my sheets and doing laundry. I finally got fed up with it about a week ago and order a water proof matress topper. 

I also bought a pack of goodnites to try and save myself such a horrible clean up in the morning. It has helped but i dont want to be wearing bed time pullups and have to worry about waking up wet. I tryed almost every thing in the book from useing an alarm to not drinking before bed. But i keep having accidents. The nightmares i mention will not subdue ether. But i notice the nights i dont have a nightmares i am waking up wet to. I'm at a lost.

I feel so tired and embarrassed about the whole thing. But i can't figure out how to stop it. If you guys have any advice. I would very very much appreciate it.



Hi Rosa,

I've already responded on the other board, but welcome to the adult group as well.