i got the yoga teaching gig - every saturday at 9:30 am.  i'm proud of myself because i found the courage to do this.  it feels good to do yoga.  it's really helping me with the stress.  it's helping me to focus.  i like it that i am helping people to feel good inside and shine on the outside.  honestly they don't know it but i'm taking them on my own personal journey to heal myself.  i use that thinking process to control my nervousness being in front of people and having to look them in the eyes.  the ladies are ver kind to me and like my work/teaching.   i had a good saturday.  i saw the movie: hang over - very funny!  i went to church.  i talk to some family members including my mother.  i talk to my brother at the end of the night - that topped it off. we had a good conversation that lasted almost two hours.  i love him very much.  he has been right by myside through all of this period of my life.  i am very appreciative.  he saved my life.  we talked about our brother who we lost a few years ago.  i miss him a lot. i had some negative thoughts through out the day but i was able to cope with it.  i thought of some people who hurt me in the past.  it's okay.