Yes, it's been awhile !

   Shot #seven was the last time I was here . I'm here to tell that a whole lot of CRAP has flowed under the bridge  since Memorial weekend.    Shot #8 made sick as hell !! Had Diareaha for three days and a headache that just would not go away. Then the Riba started messin with my head and making me dizzy as heck . So the Docs put me on anti -depressent ( I must say that that has made an improvement in my moods ! )  ButThat gave me the shits again for the next week !  ENOUGH ALREADY !! Shot # 9 went ok , Just made me real tired for the weekend.Work had gotten really busy during weeks 8 & 9 , 76 hours for a nice change . That really kicked my Butt !  I was just plain exhusted by the time shot # 10 came So didnt do a thing but rest that weekend knowing that I had another busy week coming up !  Monday I went to work and that afternoon I was told that it was time for me to take my FMLA time off !! So now I'm out of a paycheck for the next 3 Months ! The State of Nevada does not have a Disability system and theres little chance that I'll be able to draw unemployment because of FMLA  !!  At least the Company is keeping me on my Ins. until the 18th of Sept. tats when the FMLA expires .  I was told by the owner of the Co. that I'll have to be back to work by then or I may not have a job. My TX's don't end until the 18th  and I'm expected to be 100% on that day ! From what I've been told and read it takes about a month to fully recover from the effects of the Tx .    On the bright side  Cindy and I went to the NASCAR races at Infineon raceway in Sonoma, Calif for fathers day weekend left on Thurs the 18th and came home on Monday the 22nd , Had a great time . We camped at the track, I even did shot # 11 there on Fri nite . Just made me a little tired for the races on Sat. and Sun But I didn't feel bad enough to stay away, just drink plenty of water and gatorade !   Thank God the tickets were paid for back in Jan. !     So thats whats been up with me !!  I see I've missed alot of things that have been happenning with my friends , For that I am sorry ! I've missed your support and help as well as giving you mine ! I'll be reading your journals  and you'll be hearing from me !                           Love to All,      John