Yee Haw--Hot Water

You know, they say simple pleasures are the best, and it is true.
I have a good friend who used to work with me.  He is divorced and has custody of his kids.  He is now unable to work because of a bad back, and a lot of pain.  Since my husband died I have had opportunity to get to know his father, who is my mother's age and a widower.   He helps his son with the kids a lot, and they all go to our church now.   
This man is very handy so he has been out here four different times working to figure out why my hot water heater is not working,  Well finally today he got it fixed and I now have HOT WATER!!!!!    Yee Haw!  Been without since early in August!!!!! 
Part of why it took so long for me to get around to gettting it fixed was that I could not even fugure out who to call.  Who DO you call?  An electrician or a plumber??? 
My late hubby could fix everything so it is a new and annoying thing to have to figure out these sort of things.  But finally tis one is tanen care of.  I am so happy.  NOW I wish it were cold and muiserable instead of summery again because I would take a VERY long bubble bath!!!!!!!!   But at least I can take a nice shower....THANK GOD for Roger!!!!



hot water is a plumber or your friend which ever helps first.

You are so right!! Simple pleasures are the greatest. Glad you now have hot water!
Hugs, Joely

Hey I wound up taking a bath and it was wonderful, just didn\'t make it as hot as I would have if it had been chilly out!

Dave thanks for the answer. I have posed that question to several. Perhaps you would give me a different answer if I told you that the breaker kept tripping. That is what made me wonder about calling an electrician.