WW Day 60

Wow...day 60. Not bad, I've only tripped a couple times. The overall journey though continues and has been successful. I've had my points for today and now going to my sons Spring Concert. We'll have to park and it's quiet a bit of a walk (that's a great thing). Hoping my week continues to be a good one. Hoping to get in some additional walking. Good evening all!



One day soon you will look back and sigh with relief that you have arrived at your goal and will then feel better about the journey. In the middle of it all we can feel just a bit overwhelmed but you are doing FANTASTIC!! I hold pretty steady at goal+10 libs. I think because this is \'new territory\' for my body and it is not sure about all of this yet - could be - for it seems determined to hang out here for at least awhile. Maintaining it seems to be effective and I\'m more than happy with that for now. What amazes me is how much easier it is to move our bodies and even breath when so much weight comes off. And of course there is the all important improvement in looks - seeing how we do \'live\' in this real world of ours where how we \'look\' is so much of what life is based on - sad as it is - it is a truth we have to adjust to.

I\'m just beyond thankful that when we hit a \'bump\' in the road we can readjust and get going again.

;-) Patricia