WW Day 6

Stuck to my points for the 6th day...not too bad. I'm curious to see what the scale will show Sunday, but bottom line is I know it's been a healthier few days.
I ordered a "miracle suit" body shaper as I have to be in a wedding in June and wanted the proper under garment to wear with the dress (I have to go try dresses on in a week or so). Let me tell you the garment states look 10lbs thinner in 10seconds. OMG...LOL...I think I had more exercise getting that puppy on than I have had total all week...and I'm here to tell you it took longer that 10seconds to get on. Final result is okay...I think it will serve it's purpose if I don't want to breath HAHAHA..
Well, I must get for the evening....things to do. :-)



See, you can exercise when you put your mind to it. Great job. Happy that it will work out.
You are getting healthier on the inside right now, celebrate that! You are doing great