WW Day 2

Okay so here goes...first and foremost, I weighed in this morning and lost 4lbs. Pat on the back!
Second...I've stayed within my points for day 2, gonna start dinner in a bit. Chicken, rice and green beans woot...woot...sounds good.
Third...I rode the indoor bike today, only for 15 minutes but it was a start!
Now something I realize...my husband and 9 year old went for a bike ride (that's why the house is quiet now). I think I could do it, but I'm embarrassed to be seen doing exercise even if its with family. I also don't want them to have to wait on me, I'm sure I'd be slow. I'm ashamed of my weight. I know I'm taking the right steps to fix it but how do I get past that feeling? I told my husband it's because I don't really like my bike (lie). I don't want to tell him I'm embarrassed, and worried about what others might think. As I type this it sounds silly of me. I have a husband and son that want me to join them and I won't do it. So...in turn many feelings going on and I what??? Want to eat!!! However I got a glass of water and decided to journal. I can't eat to make these feeling go away!
Thanks all for listening. Spring is here and I hope to continue in the right direction. Someday I'll be proud of myself and not care what others think!



Kimby, you are doing so great! Concentrate on the good feeling you had when you stood on the scale and saw the loss and forget the bad feelings of embarrassement and worry over the bikeing, those kind of feelings don\'t do anything positive for you, throw them away! Hugs.