Writers BLOCK

When that happens I shut down. I can't let out my feelings cool. So I turn to the objects that make me feel good. .
I color, I read, I movie with Disney and sing alongs to feel better. I brush my hair a million times to feel how silky it is. It feels good to touch myself in apprpaoiate ways to feel better. To say I love myself.  TO show I have more to do. TO say my purpous in life has been found, and I will live forever knowing well I accomplished it. I am doing now, as I write and post. SHow others to live. To survive and to fight it. Fight the beast inside that causes these cutting issues or needs to cut. YOu make yourself stop. By all safe means necessary just as I am doing.....Will continue to do to to make those urges even a long ago memory that never even effects me now. I wish the thing away causing to want to cut and I will it away with the powers of belief in myself that I can do this. This disease will never win. I will conguor it alone together, and standing on my own two feet. With the help of D.S and all of you, I thank youf or my clean time. And on my sick sponsers behalf. She's been unattainable to ask for help, so I find ds, and hope to live another unurged free day of GOd bless America that I have another second or hour or day clean of cutting free and abuse free. Thank you friends of ds. And thank you DS for existing.....................



You are welcome! Thank YOU for sharing and being so strong and inspirational.