wow - I just got something else!!

 And again - thank you dear friend.   This picture, of last night's sunset,  is supposed to represent enlightenment - cool huh?  :) I have been seeing my ongoing battle from a place of thinking I am losing my strength - when in actuality, I am just facing sronger opposition as I move forward - against the criminal activities of the party that I have discussed here.  I am up against  a  very powerful man and it only makes sense that he will try to use everything he can - in order to continue his rampant attacks on me and everything I own.  This man is so evil that he has used my compassion about my animals as a tool against me - Heinze has been hurt before and it has stopped me in my tracks. My thinking that I have lost my strength, comes from within my own head and it echos what I was told about myself growing up - another knee-jerk reaction.  I need to rewind the tapes in my head and record very new data - and to make very sure that Heinze is NEVER hurt again.   About the grant deed and title policy that were removed from my home - I am guessing that the intent is to bolster the criminally fraudulent position, taken by this man - and to confirm that position by committing yet another crime.  The man is a sociopath in the truest sense of the word.