Wow- Almost normal night of sleep!

Last night I had what people would consider an almost "normal" night of sleep- from 2am to 11am. That's a heck of a lot better than from 8am to 6pm, what I was sleeping before I was in the hospital. I didn't even take any naps today! The hallucinations are not bad, either. This Risperdal seems pretty good so far. I was supposed to have my follow-up appointment tomorrow, but I can't afford it so I will reschedule when I get my Medicaid in. 
Food wise, I was a bit extravagant today- Spaghetti with Italian seasoning and a bit of butter for lunch, 2 grilled cheese sandwiches for a snack, and 1 chicken thigh with mushroom soup and white rice. I say extravagant since I had 2 bottles of tea and a soda- so empty calories (but boy did they taste good!).