Every time i talk to my grandma in texas it seems as shes not happy. I'm afraid to ask her. In the past year i have found out that some of my uncles and my aunt do not like my grandfather who is their step dad. I have spent alot of time with my grandparents and my grandfather has taken care of my sister and i , he's given us love so he hasnt given me a reason why i shouldnt trust or like him. Do i get the feeling maybe someone is keeping something from me? i dont want to think bad of my grandpa, i love my grandpa so it breaks my heart to hear someone especially a family member doesnt like him. My grandpa is a good man. My grandparents arent doing anything for christmas. Its wierd because every since i was little we always did something. I'm scared my family is falling apart. I dont think my grandma is happy anymore. My grandparents have been married for many years and i thought things were good....guess not. Its hard for me to talk to my grandma on the phone, she sounds sad. I dont give up trying though.   Honesty is something i take really seriously, and i hope no one in my family is keeping a secret from me. I'm old enough to know the truth.  The weather is terrible!! i know i'm going to fall on my butt, i cant stand the ice.