worn out

I havent been on here in so long, i had to come and cry. this past two months has been the most challenging time of my life. I got my family back, they moved here with me. we live in a small house and have had a series of events that have shaken my everything. I got my car repossessed for being one month late!! i had a 12000 dollar loan and owed 1275 dollars on the sob. i got it back but had to pay repo fees. we are so far behind now its not funny, my other car is overheating bc of the fan not working, i am trying to take over payments to my parents house in july, i have to make two rent payments that month, my saturn that i just got out of repo just stopped starting, i had a blow out, i took a title loan to pay some bills and catch up till payday, but now it seems that all our dreams are just fucking washing away. the harder we try to catch up the more shit gets piled on our plate. I am so fucking tired of this shit, we are good people, we dont hurt others, we try our hardest to help others out and in a time when we need a fucking break all we get is bull shit after bullshit. I dont know how we are going to  pull the hell out of this, im trying to get a personal loan but with the economy we are pretty much fucked. i just need a fucking break, my nerves are so shot right now, i cant even think straight. I wish we could just fix everything so i could tell my wife that its ok and really mean it. i have to be strong for her. shes scared, i cant let her know that i am too. if there is a God then why us? a test of faith, i dont think so, my faith is gone. I dont believe nemore, why do we have to suffer? im so worn out, i dont know what to do